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Published at 10th of January 2021 02:26:04 PM

Chapter 2226

Youyou held his belly and burst out laughing as he mocked his uncle . “You’re a weak chicken!”

Yun Shishi could not hold it in any longer and laughed as well .

Weak chicken?!

Gong Jie stood up angrily . He was so agitated that he conveniently grabbed a pile of snow from Mu Yichen’s unfinished fort . Molding it a little, he then hurled it at Mu Yazhe .

Alas, the other man nimbly stepped to the side, neatly and spectacularly avoiding it .

The snowball landed straight on Youyou and broke apart upon impact . Therefore, it did not hurt at all .

“Uncle, don’t touch my fort!” cried his eldest nephew indignantly .


Expecting better from his nephew, he knocked his head and spoke gloomily, “They’re already attacking us; what’s the point of a fort?! Let’s attack them, too!”

Little Yichen abandoned his fort, no longer wanting to be on defense . He grabbed a bunch of snowballs from the ground and threw them at his father .

The uncle-nephew pair threw one snowball after another at Mu Yazhe .

The flames of war began to fill the air .

Youyou turned back to hide behind their fort as he began to make snowballs nonstop . He steadily sent out the snowballs onto the battlefield for his father, while cheering him on loudly . “Daddy, charge! Kill them all!”

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Mu Yazhe unleashed all his strength as he attacked the uncle-nephew pair continuously .

The snowballs his younger son made were of excellent quality . Their offensive power was strong, thus increasing their attack attribute .

Yun Shishi’s stomach began to hurt from all the laughter as she watched this .

How could they be considered snowballs?

They were more like ice balls!

Little Yichen and Gong Jie’s fighting strength was considered first-class, especially the uncle . He was an adult, after all . Therefore, his capability was equivalent to Mu Yazhe’s . The boy was at least worth half of his father’s fighting ability . The two had good chemistry as they both attacked heavily, but as both were standing on the frontline, their ammunition supply was quite low . Therefore, both teams were actually equally matched .

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Youyou was overjoyed as he watched the battle while making snowballs .

Yun Shishi’s heart ached a little for her younger son, but she broke out into a gratified smile soon enough .

Disregarding the agitating matters that had happened earlier and letting her heart settle, a simple form of happiness rose involuntarily in her as she watched her family have fun in the backyard .

Her younger son had probably not played in such a carefree manner for a long time, had he?

When he was much younger, many of his peers would run out of their houses and engage in snowball fights when it was winter . In the past, this fella would cling onto the windows and observe them enviously . Due to his health, he could only admire them from afar as he was ordered to stay home .

Now, things were different .

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With Gong Jie, Little Yichen, and Mu Yazhe being his playmates, he probably did not feel as lonely this winter .

The backyard was charged with explosives and the flames of battle raged across the area .

The uncle-nephew duo fought fiercely side by side, while Mu Yazhe also unleashed his firepower, fighting head to head with two by himself .

The four were extremely competitive . They would give it their all even if it was just a game without leaving their opponents any opportunity to win . It was as if the word ‘lenient’ did not exist in their vocabulary .

Seeing that his dad could not be taken down, Little Yichen quickly began to aim at Youyou . Therefore, he picked up his snowballs and began to attack his little brother .

Pong! The younger boy let out a yelp as he was caught off guard by a snowball hitting him squarely in the head . He fell to the ground but picked himself up hurriedly . He took shelter from his fort and began to strike back at his older brother .