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Chapter 2227: 2227
Chapter 2227: Snowball Fight (4)

Yun Shishi could not help but be eager to give it a try after feeling excited from watching them . Therefore, she put on her gloves and scarf, then sneakily ran into the courtyard .

Without thinking, she joined Youyou’s team .

Seeing that she had come, Youyou grew excited . “Mommy, you came as well!”

“Yes! I’ll play with you, alright?”


Gong Jie and Mu Yazhe were equally matched in strength . As the two tall and strong men fought each other, they did not notice the arrival of an additional help on Youyou’s team .

The woman picked up a snowball and threw it at her brother .

The snowball hit Gong Jie’s neck squarely . As he did not have a scarf around that part of his body, the snowball flew past his collar and right into his shirt .

The icy snowball slid into his shirt and stuck against his warm body . The sudden coldness caused him to jump around for a bit before he turned his head back ferociously, only to see his sister beaming with joy at him . She had even curled her finger provocatively .  Give me all you got!

“Sis, you’re cheating!” Gong Jie wailed indignantly . “It’s not fair when it is three against two!”

“That’s right, mommy! You’re biased for helping lil’ bro instead of me!”

Little Yichen gazed at her with crinkled lips . He seemed to have been utterly wronged for he sobbed tearlessly!

Seeing this, Yun Shishi could not bear to go against her older son anymore . Very quickly, she changed sides and picked up a snowball to throw at her husband, instead .

Wholly assuming that she was their teammate, Mu Yazhe had his guard lowered against her and totally did not anticipate this surprise assault from his group . Since he had been ambushed by his ally, he did not hold back and began to chase after his wife with snowballs in hand .

Youyou piled a bunch of snowballs as he joined the fray .

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However, due to Yun Shishi’s participation, the team’s exceptional balance was broken . Now, there was no clear distinction between the teams anymore .

In the courtyard, she quickly changed sides again and began to throw snowballs at her brother with her younger son, but how could Gong Jie bear to hit her? Therefore, he settled for unleashing all his power on his brother-in-law .

Mu Yazhe chased his older son as he hurled snowballs consistently at him .

As Little Yichen could not win against his father, he naturally targeted his younger twin .

They began to chase one another, throwing snowballs at the other until they were just a pile of mess .

The snowballs flew across the sky as the snowflakes floated down elegantly . Everyone was incomparably cheerful as cries of joy filled the air .

“Uncle, don’t run!”

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“Ahh, mommy! quickly catch up to me!”

“Ahhh! Wow! It’s so cold! The snowball went into my shirt—”

Little Yichen ran and ran . All of a sudden, he tripped over the snow fort Youyou had built earlier and fell head-first onto the ground .

The younger sibling, who was chasing the boy, could not stop himself in time . He tripped over his older brother’s ‘prone figure on the ground and fell on top of him like a human boulder .

The older one instantly felt something heavy dropping on him before he sank a few inches further into the snow .

Seeing this, their mother burst into laughter . Alas, just as she did, a snowball thrown by her brother flew straight into her widened mouth .


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She instantly swallowed a mouthful of snow .

Seeing this, her husband got furious . “How dared you bully my wife?!”

He bent over and speedily picked up four snowballs before hurling them fiercely at his brother-in-law’s face . Unable to dodge them in time, Gong Jie was smacked right on and collapsed to the ground .

Yun Shishi seized this chance to bombard her sibling’s toppled figure with a bunch of snowballs .

“Wahhh! Stop hitting me!” earnestly pleaded her brother .

How could she let him off, though?!