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Chapter 2224: 2224
Chapter 2224: Snowball Fight (1)

After saying that, she dumped the woman back to the floor .

Yun Qingmiao, with tears streaming down her eyes, stumbled a few steps backward and knocked into her younger sister . They had initially pegged their cousin as weak and defenseless—a frail woman whom they could easily bully—but after witnessing the fury she had unleashed on them, they realized how terrifying she could be for the first time in their lives .

“Why are you still here? Get lost now!” Yun Shishi barked a final eviction order .

Her older cousin’s shoulders heaved unsteadily a couple of times and, upon grabbing her bag, dashed out of the house without a goodbye .


The mother called out after her elder daughter . After exchanging a glance with her younger daughter, she cast a cautious look on Mu Yazhe, then moved to give chase to her daughter .

“Stop right there!”

Xiang Yu stopped dead in her tracks and turned her head around .

Her niece sounded a notice with a deadpan face . “Let me warn you: Don’t you harass my family, including Uncle Yehou, again . Watch your words when it comes to me too, or I won’t be kind!”

The house turned quiet suddenly .

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Just as she turned around, her man caught her by the arm and took her into his arms .

“Little thing, why did you turn into such a fearsome creature without warning?”

The man cuddled her face and asked that with adoration . He found her unexpected burst of anger appealing .

She hardly lost grip of herself, so this time, the trio might have upset her a lot to give a d*mn .

While the woman was too flabbergasted by her action to speak, her man tried to coax her like a kid . Caressing her hair gently, he comforted her . “Don’t be angry anymore… C’mon, be good…”

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This was too childish for her to bear, and she pushed him away wryly . “Hey, are you treating me like a puppy?”

Youyou suddenly dashed into the house and, standing at the door, asked quizzically, “Mommy, what happened? I saw those three witches storming off…” A thought came to his mind immediately, and he asked with a sinking face, “Don’t tell me that they tried to bully you?”

The corner of her lips twitched momentarily . Realizing that the father-son pair was babying her, she pushed her husband toward the door . “Alright, alright! Mommy has defeated the baddies . Why don’t you two get going with your snowball fight?”

“Mommy…” The boy looked at his father sympathetically before giving his mother a kind reminder . “Well, at least give dad a pair of gloves for the game . ”

She looked down at her man’s hands, which had gone red from the cold weather, and stuck out her tongue sheepishly . “Wait a while . ”

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She ran to the cloakroom, took a pair of gloves, and put each on his hands for him . “Alright, you two had better run along!”

“Aren’t you going to join us, mommy?”

“I’m afraid of the cold, so I won’t be playing . Your daddy is more than enough . ” She added as an after-thought . “We’ll make dumplings together after you all finish with your game . ”

Her son was finally at ease after seeing her cheerful disposition . Sticking out his tongue cheekily at her, he said, “Alright . Mommy can prepare the fillings first, and we’ll make dumplings later . ” He then eagerly pulled his dad out of the house .

Yun Shishi returned to the kitchen to put the clean dishes into the dishwasher before she removed her apron . After that, she went to the balcony, leaned against the window, and quietly looked out to the garden . She managed to catch the entire game going on from her vantage point .

Soon, the father-son pair got their ‘rampart’ ready for the fight . They managed to build a snow heap into a sturdy fortress .