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Published at 3rd of January 2021 02:30:14 PM

Chapter 2214: 2214

Gong Jie coolly retorted, “So your way of expressing gratitude was to rob your uncle of his first kiss?”

The boy sucked in a breath of cold air as he stared wide-eyed in disbelief at his uncle . It was apparent that he had his doubts about the adult’s words . “So…”

He inched closer toward the man and teased in a meaningful tone, “My uncle is still an innocent, little virgin, huh?”

“Nonsense!” A furious shade of red bloomed across the man’s cheeks as he solemnly refuted . “I’m a grown adult with my fair share of relationships! I’m experienced enough to dish out advice!”

“What a braggart . ”

Snickering behind his hands, Youyou said incredulously, “You dish out relationship advice? You’re the one who needs it in my opinion!”

Hearing that, the twenty-something man felt utterly embarrassed and upset at being mocked by his seven-year-old nephew .

The former glanced at the latter, who could not stop giggling away, and coldly spat, “Hmph! I shan’t argue with you over this!”

“He he! You just refuse to admit it!” mocked the child before suddenly shaking his head at the thought of something .

“No wonder you had the aura of abstinence around you when we first met . It turns out that you’re such a chaste man . Come, do you want me to teach you how to kiss—”

“Shoo!” The man pushed the little one away in disdain .

Alas, his nephew, who was seemingly bent on teasing him, proceeded to circle his arms around his shoulders and pushed his pouty, little lips toward his .

“Oh, you’re here, Xiao Jie!”

Amid their tussle, they heard Yun Shishi’s voice .

The lad immediately ceased his actions and turned his head in the direction of the voice at the same time as his uncle, only to see his mother standing at the entrance to the kitchen with a bright smile on her face . “What a timely arrival! Lunch is almost ready!”

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She then plunged back into the kitchen .

The boy proceeded to shoot his uncle a look . “Get moving and help mommy out . ”

The adult hummed an acknowledgment before he stood up and walked into the kitchen .

The woman was absorbed in her world as she flavored the soup with a spoonful of chicken essence before she scooped a mouthful, blew at it, and lightly took a sip to have a taste .

He could not help curving his eyes in tenderness when he witnessed this . He then silently approached his sister, wrapped his arms around her waist, and lightly placed his chin on her shoulder .

His actions startled her, though, and she only heaved a sigh of relief when she looked back and realized that it was him . She chided, “Xiao Jie, how did you enter so silently like a cat?”

“That’s just because you’re so focused on cooking!”

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He directed his gaze on her hands . “Are you brewing soup?”

“Yup! It’s spare ribs soup; do you want to try some?”

He nodded eagerly .

She was just about to scoop some soup for him when he grabbed her hand and lightly sipped at the remaining soup in her ladle . His eyes lit up in surprise when he tasted it . “Not bad!”

“Not bad?!” exclaimed his sister . “Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you underestimating my capabilities by a lot?! Is my cooking bad in your imagination?!”

“Well, I’ve never tried your cooking before . This was probably my first time doing so!”

She shot him an indignant look . “What do you mean by this being your first time?! I remember cooking noodles for you when we were young!”

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The man sweated a bit as he coolly asked, “Does cooking instant noodles even count?”

“How isn’t that counted when you yourself don’t know how to cook instant noodles?!”

Her response rendered him speechless .

Oh, please . That’s just because I’m too lazy to do so .

He then said, “Give me a piece of spare ribs to try . ”