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Chapter 2212: 2212
Chapter 2212: Am I such a petty person?

“Why? Don’t you like it?”

“Like it! Like it!”

The little chap bobbed his head hurriedly . He held the gift protectively in his arms, seemingly fearful that his uncle would change his mind . There was no more of that aloof attitude as he clung onto his uncle’s neck and caressed his handsome face lovingly with his cheek . “Thank you for your new-year present! I love it!”

“I’m glad that you like it!”

“But you mustn’t regret your action . Since you’ve given this to me, it’s no longer yours!” The boy reminded him warily .

The corner of his lips twitched involuntarily . Feeling displeased, he pinched his nephew’s cheek and asked, “Am I such a petty person?”


The man was dumbfounded by the boy’s reply . Suddenly, he reached out to grab the present without warning . “If you think I’m that petty, then you’d better return this gift to me!”

“No way!”

Little Yichen quickly shielded the key from the adult . Leaping away from his lap, he fled to his father whom he sought help from . As he climbed onto his father’s lap, he complained, “Daddy, you have to protect me; don’t let uncle snatch my present away!”

Gong Jie’s mouth twitched violently this time .

This lad is such an ingrate! he thought to himself, gnashing his teeth .

Did he know that this was a very expensive yacht?! I could feel the pinch in my heart when I gave it away to him, but instead of gratitude, he went to complain to his father!

Actually, what he wanted to hear was compliments like ‘I have such a generous uncle!’

Instead, he had been labelled a petty man by the little fellow!

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How could he not be furious after hearing that?

Mu Yazhe held his chin with one hand as he tried to repress a chuckle . “Son, your uncle has nothing but money . This yacht means nothing to him, so please don’t treat him like a thief, alright?”

The other man must admit that it was true and kept his silence .

Wait a minute… He called me a thief!

This brother-in-law of his was not adorable at all for using such a derogatory term on him!

What did he mean by that?!

Youyou heard the commotion at the hall and stuck his head out from the kitchen to check on the guests . He saw his uncle sitting next to the table sulkily and exclaimed happily, “Gong—uncle, welcome!”

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His older twin saw him checking out the action and took this chance to show off his gift to him . Dangling the antique key from his fingers, he boasted, “Brother, look! See what uncle has given me as a new-year present! It’s a luxury yacht!”

A luxury yacht?

The adults, including the mother-daughter trio, were shocked when they heard that .

They were curious to find out what Gong Jie had gifted his nephew exactly when they heard the boy excitedly exclaiming this while hopping around . Everyone, except for the boy’s father, was too stunned to say a thing the moment they heard what it was .

“A yacht?”

Yun Qinli could not quite believe this claim . In her heart, she was secretly thinking that it might just be a craft model which looked like the real thing!

The child would be too young to get a real yacht, would he not? If it were true, then it would be too extravagant for a kid! This man must be so wealthy to cough up so much money without batting an eyelid!

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As for Yun Yecheng, he considered the gift to be too expensive!

The old man looked at the diamond crusted key tag and could tell that it alone was worth much without debating the authenticity of the yacht itself!

Isn’t this too expensive for a child?

The younger boy deliberately inwardly when he realized how generous his uncle was this time to give a yacht to his older brother . Walking up to his uncle, he spread his palms to the adult and asked smilingly, “Uncle, have you prepared my new-year gift, too?”

His direct manner of asking for his gift was not unlike his brother . The two lads were truly two of a kind .