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Published at 6th of January 2021 11:35:43 PM

Chapter 2215

Chapter 2215: Neither is willing to concede defeat .


Nodding her head, Yun Shishi carefully lifted a piece of spare ribs using a pair of chopsticks with one hand, then supported it with the other hand . She lightly blew at the meat to cool it down, lest it burn his tongue . “Be careful . It’s hot . ”

He eyed the meat greedily and was all prepared to swallow it into his mouth in one swoop when a broad hand appeared out of nowhere and pushed him to the side .

Before the woman could realize what had happened, a tall figure appeared in her peripheral view . Without the siblings noticing it, Mu Yazhe had somehow slipped into the kitchen and pushed the other man away . He then nonchalantly grabbed his wife’s wrist and put the spare ribs into his mouth .

The woman’s lips twitched a little . “…”

By the time Gong Jie snapped out of it and looked up, his brother-in-law had already slung his arm around his sister’s shoulders while he chewed on the meat . The latter’s warning gaze, however, constantly lingered on him .

When did he come in?!

Thinking about it now, he must be the one who had pushed me!

Mu Yazhe had followed his brother-in-law into the kitchen as soon as he saw him walking in that direction . The moment he stepped inside, he was greeted by the sight of a certain person boldly hugging his woman without qualms and resting his head on her shoulder…

Even though this fella was his brother-in-law, he still found this scene an utter eyesore whichever angle he looked .

Thus, when the woman was about to feed her brother that piece of meat, he quickly walked up to them and pushed the other man aside, while he swooped in to embrace his wife in a silent declaration of her being his .

At the sight of this, Gong Jie’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gave a cold snort .

“What are you doing, brother-in-law?”

The other man answered matter-of-factly, “I’m here to help out . ”

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Help out?!

What a lie!

He just can’t stand seeing my sister being intimate with me!

He gritted his teeth in fury . This is why I don’t want her to get married!

Out of nowhere, another man appeared in her life to fight with me for her affection .

The worst thing is that he’s in a rightful position to do that, while I don’t have any right to put up a fight!

Feeling utterly displeased about this, he glanced obliquely at his brother-in-law, only to see the latter eyeing him like an outsider .

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The air was charged with electricity and sparks as the two glared at each other in an aggressive yet invisible face-off!

Breaking out in a cold sweat, Yun Shishi hastily picked up two pieces of spare ribs with the chopsticks and shove one piece into each of the men’s mouths before pushing them out of the kitchen . “Go back to your seats and don’t get in my way!”




The kitchen door was slammed shut the next second .

Having the door closed right in their faces and being left out in the cold, the two men turned their heads to face each other, both sizing up the other in disdain .

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The twins, who were sitting at the side, gave a twitch of their lips and exchanged looks . They then walked over, and each held one of the men’s hands .

Little Yichen hooked his arms around his father’s and pulled him back toward the dining table while urging, “Don’t fool around, daddy! You’re just causing trouble and being of no help at all! Now, just sit down and wait for lunch!”

The younger boy, on his end, pulled his uncle to take the opposite seat of his father while ordering, “Uncle, please take a seat first . We’ll be starting lunch soon!”

Thereafter, with arms around each other’s shoulders, the two brats stepped into the kitchen to assist their mother in her cooking .

The two adults silently exchanged looks, with each snorting at the other before turning their heads away in refusal to concede defeat .