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Chapter 2211: 2211

Specifically, one could not miss the one-carat diamond sparkling under the tablet lights . The dazzling stone could be found at the center of the tail-end word .

This antique key, inlaid with precious diamonds, was already worth a fortune itself!

Xiang Yu and her daughter were wowed by the diamonds set on the key . They did not know the significance of this key, but the rare diamonds were an eye-opener for them!

If those diamonds are real, they should be worth a lot of money, right?

Did he say that this was Mu Yichen’s new-year present?!

Isn’t this… too extravagant?!

The boy himself was swayed by this tempting gift…

The Star Cruise was among the top private yachts in the world .

It was finally allowed to go on waters after an extensive period of work done on it .

At that time, Gong Jie had bought it at the record price of six million pounds .

Everyone was curious to find out the extent of opulence on this super-luxury power vessel . Several media personnel relentlessly clamored to get a first-hand account of this world top’s private yacht!

It measured 170 meters long and 21 . 5 meters wide . When setting afloat on waters, it looked like a giant white castle from afar . This fully illustrated the boldness and ambition of the yacht builder!

Moreover, this yacht did not just look good—its function was superior, too . One must remember who its buyer was; a yacht like that would not be enough to satisfy his expectation .

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After acquiring it, Gong Jie had it towed to his shipyard for refitting and upgrading . Fashioned with state-of-the-art defense equipment after the meticulous refurbishment, its prowess was no less than a naval warship .

Not only was it equipped with intruder reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance systems, it also came with Germany’s top missile defense system and a laser protective shield .

The yacht was equipped with two helipads, several small speedboats and supply boats, as well as its submarine and submarine cabin . The submarine could dive down to 160 feet of water, and one could even enter the bottom of the yacht directly from the cabin . In this way, the owner could board the yacht secretly without detection . On top of all these, Gong Jie had also engaged eighty specialized seamen to operate the vessel .

Wide-eyed with disbelief, Little Yichen was struck dumb by his uncle’s generosity .

The boy was of course closely following news regarding advanced technologies, so he had come upon reports about that world-class fighter vessel in the past, but never did he expect his uncle to own that yacht .

Now, his uncle was giving it to him as a new-year present .

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He was speechless .

As he squinted his eyes in surreal wonderment, he could hear his brother’s words reverberating in his ears .

‘Uncle is a super-rich, too wealthy beyond words!

‘He can easily buy off some of the most-developed countries in the world with his financial capability!

‘He is very, very loaded!

‘He’s loaded… loaded… loaded…’

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The boy held dumbly to the yacht’s key; his head was swirling in bewilderment at this splendid gift .

He read then that the yacht now cost way more than its initial price of six million pounds after the refitting and upgrade . It would not be an exaggeration to say that its value had jumped twice as much!

Say, if it’s worth a billion pound now, how much will that be in renminbi?

The lad tried to calculate with some effort .

His uncle saw his fossilized expression and asked with concern, “Why? Don’t you like it?”