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Published at 1st of January 2021 11:50:07 PM

Chapter 2209: 2209
Chapter 2209: Uncle is so petty!

Suddenly, the doorbell rang .

Yun Yecheng immediately stood up to open the door . His son-in-law held him back by the shoulder and said, “Dad, you can take a seat; I’ll open the door, instead . ”

“Oh, alright!”

The elderly man was taken by pleasant surprise and, with a smile, sat down obediently .

Mu Yazhe walked to the front door and opened it, only to see his brother-in-law standing there .


Gong Jie was surprised to see him opening the door . He raised his eyebrow but still naturally addressed him as so .

The latter hummed in acknowledgment .

Surprisingly, the former did not wear his iconic white coat today . Instead, he wore a red shirt with a black, long coat which covered his knees . He had a pair of black, straight, and fitting pants on with a matching pair of black long boots . He seemed high-spirited, tall, and intimidating .

It was unclear if he was conforming to the festive occasion, but the red shirt he was wearing added more charm to his fair skin and soft, deep eyes .

There were very few men who could pull off a red shirt .

He stuffed his hands in his coat’s pockets and walked in . He glanced across the living room and smiled at the unfamiliar faces as he greeted, “Happy New Year!”

“You’re Shishi’s younger brother, right?” asked Yun Yehou with a smile .

He had seen this young man once during his niece’s engagement ceremony . As he had very similar features to her, he had a strong impression of the chap .

When Gong Jie saw him, he gave a proper gentlemanly bow and smiled . “Yes! Hello, uncle!”

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“Nice to meet you! Come have a seat!”

“The reunion meal isn’t done yet! Go and have some melon seeds and peanuts first!” chimed in Yun Yecheng as he received the man .

When Little Yichen saw his uncle, he flocked to greet him like a lively bird . He circled him, jumping and chattering, “Uncle, Happy New Year! May you be prosperous!”

In other words, hand over your red packet!

The man was stunned . He immediately slapped his forehead heavily and lowered his head guiltily, confessing, “Little boy, I forgot to prepare a red packet for you . What should I do?”


The lad’s face collapsed as if the sky had been ripped apart .

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He shriveled his lips indignantly and seemed to be very unhappy .

His uncle’s red packet was the one he had been looking forward to the most .

Last night, under the covers, his younger twin secretly told him that their uncle was an extremely rich and powerful man . One could say that his wealth flowed like oil, and he was worth millions and millions . Last year, their uncle gave Youyou a red packet during the New Year, and his method simple and rough . He directly transferred ten million pounds to his account .

The boy was utterly shocked .

Ten million and in pound sterling?!

This felt even better than winning the lottery .

Little Yichen widened his eyes when he heard that!

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Oh, gosh!

He had never seen such an impressive red packet before!

The biggest red packet he had received on New Year’s Eve came from his father, and it had only been a few million . That was already an enormous amount!

Therefore, he was genuinely excited about Gong Jie’s red packet . He had even prepared his bank account for it, yet now, his uncle was telling him that he forgot to prepare his red packet .

Mu Yichen’s face darkened in an instant .

“Uncle is so petty!”

The little fella spat bitterly before turning to leave coldly, planning to ignore him .