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Published at 28th of December 2020 02:20:07 AM

Chapter 2195: 2195

His eyes were especially captivating with pupils a shade different from the rest . His pure amber irises, shadowed by fluttering lashes, were like top-grade colored glaze which glittered beautifully .

He looked up and raised his wrist to look at his watch as if setting a timer for the young lieutenant’s visit .

This was a man who was particular about time . Whoever came to look for him, regardless of their status, he would only give them thirty minutes of his time . Their visit must be short and sweet; he had no patience otherwise .

“Speak; why are you looking for me?”

Song Yunxi rubbed his palms together nervously, gave a few courtesies, and went straight to the point thereafter . He gave a summary of his family’s recent tussle with Mu Yazhe to the overlord first, then exclaimed, “That guy is a b*st*rd and a bully! I can’t swallow my pride further after his act of pushing us to the brink! He needs to be taught a lesson!”

Gu Jinglian lifted his chin ever so slightly before curling his lips slyly into a soft grin . “Oh? Are you looking for me just to complain?”

His retort was not only sarcastic but also tinged with displeasure!

Although the Song chap had known the mafia prince for some time, they were only mere acquaintances . The former had tried ways and means to get close to this mafia elite but all was to no avail . The latter was too high and mighty for him despite his best sycophantic efforts .

He explained, “I’m hoping that you can teach him a lesson on our behalf! Master Gu, I know that you have your means and resources to put down that guy easily! Mu Yazhe is just a puny worm before you—”

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“I’m not interested . ”

Looking bored, the mafia prince interrupted the young man with an impassive face and then gave a lazy yawn .

Mu Yazhe?

He knew that the competent leader of the Mu Group had recently relinquished his role, but this did not mean that he was bored or foolish enough to lock horns, head-to-head, with a former powerful leader .

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The Gus and the Mus were age-old competitors and knew each other well .

Song Yunxi was obtuse and ignorant, with a shallow understanding of the powers at work, but this was not so for the mafia leader!

Although that former conglomerate leader might seem down and out, crushed and defeated, without the Mus’ support currently, he knew that this was only temporary! That guy was merely concealing his power behind the scenes as he bided his time . It would be a matter of time before the man rose from the ashes and regained his former glory!

An ambitious man like Gu Jinglian would know how another similar mind worked . They would never allow themselves to sink so low that they were doomed for failure . The abdication was but a step forward in the long run!

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All in all, he had no interest in fighting with another formidable opponent . Besides, the two families had always been minding their business . There was never an outright confrontation between them, nor an existing feud they had to settle with each other .

To outsiders, these two men standing at the zenith might seem to be at odds with each other, but in reality, they were sympathizing with the other party! After all, it would be a pity to lose a worthy opponent as grueling as themselves . Life would be less interesting if that happened!