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Published at 28th of December 2020 02:20:07 PM

Chapter 2196: 2196

Song Yunxi was baffled by his answer . “Not interested?”

“I don’t think I have the obligation to help you . ”

The mafia head seemed to have lost his patience by then, for he stood up and headed straight for the door after tossing that one statement out .

He immediately rose to his feet . “That’s not what I meant! As long as you’re willing to help me teach that fella a lesson, I definitely won’t let you lose out in any way! At the very least, I’ll offer you enough remuneration for the help!”

A smirk formed on Gu Jinglian’s face . Approaching the mayor’s son with hands in his pants’ pockets, he bent down slightly to meet the other at face level and spoke in his charming, evil voice . “What makes you think that I’ll go provoke my rival, who is as formidable as I am, for the sake of someone whose name I don’t even remember?”

The younger chap’s eyes bulged wide in surprise .

A cold glint streaked across his eyes as he gripped the other man’s chin firmly with his slender fingers and lifted it to scrutinize his face closely .

The latter’s stubborn yet indignant look, however, made him appear to be especially childish .

Gu Jinglian suddenly tilted his head, where hints of coldness seeped onto his devilish, handsome countenance, and breathed, “One should never pit themselves against a man with such status and influence like Mu Yazhe unless they’re prepared to go all out and stake everything they have to eradicate him . ”

After a beat, he lazily drawled, “How much do you intend to pay me?”

“How much do you want?”

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“How much do I want?” As though he had heard a hilarious joke, he spat, “You don’t seem to know the rules!”


He patted Song Yunxi’s cheek in a provocative yet arrogant manner, which got the latter gritting his teeth sullenly in humiliation, before continuing . “On second thought, he has a net worth of hundreds of billions . Can you even afford to buy his life?”

With that, he released his grip on the mayor’s son and turned around scoffing to light a cigarette .

The man took a long drag on the cigarette and, with squinted eyes, nonchalantly added, “Boy, the world isn’t as simple as you think . Being the mayor’s son doesn’t give you the right to come here and cause an embarrassing scene! Just go back to where you came from!”

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The waiter then draped a black suit jacket over his shoulders, where its empty sleeves dangled at either side of him, and he coolly made his exit thereafter .

Song Yunxi, who could no longer tolerate the humiliation he had been subjected to, stood up and hollered at the other man, “Stop right there!”

Alas, no matter how authoritative his order sounded, the other man just left the room as though he could not bother to listen to what he had got to say .

Perhaps the wine in his system after drinking an entire bottle gave him the courage, for he daringly launched a furious tirade and vented all his dissatisfaction and humiliation out the next second . “From what I see, you just don’t have the guts to do it! To think the self-proclaimed crown prince of the Gu family is such a coward—no matter how nicely you put your words, you just don’t dare to go against Mu Yazhe! The high and mighty Gu Jinglian is nothing more than a wimp, after all!”

In a fit of anger, he aimed a kick at the low table beside him, causing the wine glass to tilt, fall over, and shatter loudly to the ground!

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His action earned him weird looks, or perhaps looks of aggression, from the waiters in the private room .

The young man, who had gotten completely tipsy by then, was past caring on whose turf he was on, for he started shouting in an unbridled manner . “What are you looking at?! A bunch of weaklings! Hah!”

He then returned to his seat, picked up a bottle of alcohol, and downed it all in one shot!