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Published at 27th of December 2020 11:35:06 PM

Chapter 2194: 2194

This was a place meant for the rich and famous . The officials and rich men’s sons would descend upon this place to indulge in ultimate luxuries every night without fail .

Jingyi Elite Private Club was a property under the Gus . Hence, their power was also consolidated within this area .

Inside the swimming pool, Gu Jinglian leaned against the pool ledge with a bath towel draped across his shoulders . He was mindlessly sipping the red wine from the glass he held in his hand .

Suddenly, a man in a tuxedo walked over to him, stopped next to the pool, leaned over, and whispered into his ear cautiously, “Master Gu, a guest is here to see you . ”

His almond-shaped eyes were closed for a quick wink before he heard that . He slowly opened them and glanced obliquely at his subordinate with an arrogant sneer . When he heard the name of the guest, he gulped down the remainder of red wine, turned around, and exited the pool using the pool ladder .

His taut and muscular physique was instantly exposed . Following his beautiful contours, the transparent water droplets dripped onto the ground . The atmosphere was thick with his devilish yet captivating presence . It was enough to set any lady’s heart, even a strong-willed one, racing .

The moment he got out of the pool, a helper approached to receive the glass from him . Another respectfully followed suit, draping an extravagant bathrobe over his torso .

Inside the private chamber, Song Yunxi had already drunk a full bottle of red wine . He was feeling unusually frustrated and bothered, especially when he recalled his father’s cowardice .

How could he give up that golden piece of land so readily to Mu Yazhe?!

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The thought infuriated him further, and he gulped down another glass of wine begrudgingly .

Just as he opened the second bottle of wine, the door opened and in walked Gu Jinglian escorted by his entourage .

He looked up, and upon seeing the man he had come to meet, his face broke into a wide, humble smile as he stood up to greet the man in deference . He dared not tarry before this mafia boss even though he was a proud, young master himself .

“Master Gu, how are you?” He smiled politely .

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The other man did not seem to hear the greeting as he strode nonchalantly to the couch and took a seat . After sitting down, Gu Jinglian crossed his legs elegantly like a true noble on his throne .

The man had changed into full attire after coming out of the pool . Even though his raven-dark hair was damp and tousled, it did not affect his suave demeanor at the least .

Song Yunxi was not bothered by the haughtiness displayed by the ring leader, nor did he feel embarrassed by the latter’s dismissal . In fact, his smile became wider as he attempted to win Master Gu’s favor .

To him, a man like this one ought to stand high above the rest!

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As one sank deeper in the underground society, one would learn to pay attention to the hierarchy and ranks existing within this circle, and naturally, one’s background would denote the status and privilege received!

“Take a seat . You don’t have to stand on ceremony . ”

The mafia prince spouted lightly and signaled with a hook of his finger . Soon, a waiter approached to open a fresh bottle of Château Lafite-Rothschild .

Song Yunxi silently sized up the man sitting before him and could not help admiring the other party’s beautiful profile . This was a look that did not fit the image of a crown prince in the mafia world .

Gu Jinglian’s mother was one of the top ten beauties in the capital, and he had inherited her beautiful features . He had an androgynous look which was mesmerizing . His sharp contour made him look polished, while his exquisite nose and mellow eyes could make any woman jealous!

It was a look that transcended gender; it was so breathtaking and astonishing that it would make many ladies hung their heads in shame .