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Published at 26th of December 2020 11:35:16 PM

Chapter 2189

Nonetheless, no matter how touched he was by her devotion, he would never let himself give up the fight to become the family head just like that .

He had waited too long for this day, and now that he had such a golden opportunity, how could he possibly give it up to someone else?!

It had not been easy for him to pull Mu Yazhe down from that much-coveted seat . Should he give up now, his efforts would be all for naught!

Bearing this thought in mind, Mu Yancheng regained his rationality and flung the woman’s hand away . “Impossible! I won’t give up just like that!”

“H-How about we break up then?” she proposed .

The man turned around in shock .

Never had he expected that she would so coolly request for a breakup, and it was brought up even before he did so . All the more, he did not expect the woman, who had loved him so wholeheartedly, to suggest putting an end to their relationship sans any hesitation!

“You’re breaking up with me?!”

“Rest assured; I don’t need any form of compensation from you, be it a breakup fee or the stuff you gave me before . I’ll return everything to you! I only hope that we’ll have nothing to do with each other anymore . I won’t pester you, so I hope that you’ll do the same!”

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Had it been in the past, he would have been suspicious of her motives and thought that she was just playing hard to get!

At this moment, however, his heart trembled at the flash of determination in her eyes .

She had been utterly serious when she brought up the idea of breaking up .

She continued . “You don’t have to worry about the child in my stomach, either! I won’t cause you any trouble . Whether I decide to abort or keep the child, it will have nothing to do with you anymore! Even if the child has to grow up without a father, I, as a mother, will put in the extra effort to make it up and raise it! All I ask is that you won’t rob me of my right to become a mother and that you don’t come disturbing our lives again!”

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The woman let out a cold laugh and sidestepped him to make her way into the living room . There, she sat down on the sofa, picked up that bowl of instant noodles, and began slurping the food .

As Mu Yancheng returned to the living room, he could tell, even from afar, that she must have been starving by the way she, with wet eyes, held the bowl and dug ravenously into it . She was shrouded in despondency, no longer having the fashion sense and pureness that she had once had .

The young lady had not eaten a morsel of food after the man deliberately snubbed her and coolly left last night . She had cried herself to sleep, only to wake up in tears after getting frightened by a nightmare .

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She had skipped her breakfast and lunch, weeping and feeling listless all day . No matter what she did, she was surrounded by sorrowful feelings .

She did not know where all these tears were coming from, and her eyes started to hurt from the day-long of crying . Despite chiding herself for crying so much over an irresponsible man, the tears just did not stop flowing at the thought of him .

Since she could not focus on anything at all, she skipped her part-time job and called for a leave in favor of burying herself under the comforts of her blanket . She passed the day in a trance, crying herself to sleep and waking up to cry yet again . It was why the man was greeted with swollen, red eyes that were as huge as walnuts when she opened the door earlier .

It was only when night had fallen that she felt hungry and realized that she had not eaten for the entire day . However, it was not safe for her to head outside and buy some food at this late hour, and since she had a few bowls of instant noodles at home, she decided to make do with them for dinner .