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Chapter 2190: 2190

She was just about to tuck into her dinner when the man showed up without any notice!

Meng Qingxue could not help wishing that she could dig her heart out for him to see her sincerity, but even after saying so much, he seemed to remain indifferent to her words . Right from the start, all he cared about was not her or the child in her stomach but power and wealth!

Her heart grew cold as she thought, I might as well just let him go instead of continuing to pester him! He won’t change his mind regardless of what I say, anyway! I shouldn’t have harbored such unrealistic dreams in the first place!

The sight of her despondency had Mu Yancheng feeling heartache for her . His anger simmered down as he said, “Don’t make things difficult for yourself! Just come with me and I’ll settle all your living expenses! I’ve arranged a nanny and a bodyguard for you . You should spare a thought for the little one even if not for yourself!”

The young lady just dumbly ate her noodles in silence . The expression on her face, however, seemed to say, ‘No need for that!’

She was deliberately ignoring him!

He continued to prattle on, but she paid him no heed .

Eventually, she heard him stomping his foot in fury before he left, shutting the door with a slam!

She looked up, stared at the vacant apartment, and lifted the bowl of noodles to gulp down a few mouthfuls of the hot soup . However, she could not differentiate whether the salty taste in her mouth was coming from the soup noodle or her tears…

At the Song Residence .

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On this day, while Song Zhengguo was out, his wife rushed to the hospital for a DNA test . She had gotten hold of a few hair strands of Mu Yancheng from a maid working in the Mu household through her connections .

Meanwhile, Song Yunxi, who was worried about his sister’s condition, camped in her bedroom for the whole day .

Not once, even for her meals, did his sister get down from the bed .

Ever since she got pregnant, she had been suffering from a serious bout of morning sickness . She vomited so much that she felt weak all over . Plus, she felt sleepy all the time . This was why she had remained in bed all day .

It was already evening by the time their mother rushed back home . She pushed open the bedroom door and saw her son sitting by the bedside, playing a mobile game .

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Her daughter, who had woken up at some point in time, meanwhile, sat leaning against the headboard while staring vacantly at the ceiling .

“Enya! The DNtest result is out! It’s confirmed that the child you’re carrying belongs to Mu Yancheng!” Jiang Qimeng happily announced this piece of news, only to see the young lady hanging her head low in despondency and letting out a heavy sigh . Tears could be seen falling from her eyes .

Before this announcement, Song Enya had still harbored a flimsy hope that her child would belong to the man of her dreams!

She would rather have the child belong to him and then abort it because it would mean that what he had said last night was no more than a hoax meant to frighten her . Alas, just as what he said, he had really swapped the sperms .

It showed how heartless and callous the man could be toward her!

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She had it so bad for him, but in the end, all she got in return for her decade-long love was being played by him! This knowledge had nearly crippled her!

“Lies! It’s all lies!”

Her words sounded incoherent as she gritted this out, aggrieved .

Her mother, however, thought that she was questioning the validity of the DNtest result . Thus, she immediately said, “It’s no lie! I even did the test twice to confirm the result . The child you’re carrying really belongs to Mu Yancheng! I’d never lie to you!”