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Published at 25th of December 2020 10:25:10 PM

Chapter 2188: 2188
Chapter 2188: Stay Out of Each Other’s Business

The weeping woman grabbed a pair of diamond earrings from the bed and threw it into his face . “How can you act so high and mighty?! Yes! You have an extraordinary and superior background! Still, I don’t see the need to be trampled and degraded by you! Can’t you just walk your bright path while I go my way? Let’s stay out of each other’s business, okay?!”

“Silence!” he shouted, unable to hear her go on . “You’re riling me up on purpose, aren’t you?!”

Feeling utterly lost and helpless all of a sudden, her eyes appeared vacant as tears streamed down her face . She posed a question at him in a solemn manner . “What do you want me to do, then?!”

He walked over and clutched her shoulders in an overbearing manner . “Take back those words and listen to my arrangements if you know what’s good for you! Don’t you want to stay by my side? We can be together forever if you become my woman, and I can give you the fame and fortune that others can only wish for! You can live a comfortable life, wearing the prettiest clothes as well as the most expensive jewelry and buying the most branded bag out there . I’ll make all arrangements for you—”

At that, she sarcastically remarked, “Yet you can’t give me a title . ”

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The man was momentarily stumped by that response, but he recovered soon enough to spit out in disgust, “I’m warning you, Meng Qingxue: Don’t you be too greedy!”

“Greedy?!” As though she had just heard a ridiculously hilarious joke, she burst out laughing so hard that tears started to form in her eyes . That heartbreaking laughter soon turned into sobs, however . She rubbed her eyes, wiping the moisture away, and choked out, “Yes, that’s who I am . My greed has no boundaries . All I want is to become your legal wife and proudly stand beside you one day . I’m content with that even if I don’t have the most branded clothes and the most expensive bag on me! Perhaps, such a wish is indeed a tad too extravagant to you! You’re so generous that you can offer me inexhaustible fame and fortune, but on the other hand, you’re so stingy to deny me the most basic title as your wife! I really don’t know if I should be rejoicing or finding this situation ridiculous!”

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“Why are you so stubborn?!”

Oh, how he hated her persistence . Grabbing her tightly by the shoulders, he forced her to sit by the bedside and implored in all earnestness, “Do you know how long I have worked hard for this day? My second uncle has decided to support me in becoming the successor of the family, but I must agree to his term first, and that is to let him arrange my marriage! I don’t have a firm footing in influence and status, and I’m still a little lacking to become the official head of my family! Marrying a young missy from a prestigious family is absolutely advantageous to my current situation! Why can’t you understand my plight?! Don’t you want to see me become successful?!”

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Tears flowed down her eyes as she uttered, “Yancheng, it’s you whom I love . Even if you have nothing to your name, I’ll remain by your side like always! I don’t give a hoot about fame or fortune—all I want is you! I only want to be with you . ”

Mu Yancheng was moved by those words .

In fact, any man would feel their heart softening upon hearing such a heartfelt declaration from the woman they loved .

His heart churned in turmoil as he stared dumbly at her, not knowing what he should say in response .