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Published at 25th of December 2020 02:25:14 PM

Chapter 2187: 2187

The audacity this woman had to argue with me!

Like a stubborn child who was throwing a tantrum, the enraged Mu Yancheng spoke through gritted teeth . “I bought those diamonds you’re currently wearing, right?!”

“I ordered someone to get you the phone you’re using, right?!”

“You’re mine, let alone the other stuff in this house! Your body has been marked by me, and even the child in your stomach is mine!”

“Mu Yancheng!” Feeling furious and humiliated, the woman with bloodshot eyes hysterically screamed his name in a bid to stop him from going on .

He paid her no heed, though . He ignored her swollen, red eyes and continued to haughtily prattle on . “I even accompanied you to buy the clothes you’re wearing now! Say; apart from this rental apartment, what other things really belong to you?!”

Meng Qingxue bit her bottom lip hard as she dumbly gawked at the man she loved before suddenly breaking out into laughter . Right in his presence, she clutched the clothes, nimbly pulled them off, and flung them in his face while crying hoarsely, “There you go! I’ll return everything to you, alright?!”

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Her emotional outburst shocked the man into standing rooted in place and feeling at a loss . He watched the woman, who was now only wearing her undergarments, proceed to remove her diamond studs, crystal necklace, and diamond anklet, only to throw them at him .

She then spun on her feet and walked toward the bedroom .

He grabbed her dress off the floor and gave chase at once, only to see her rummaging through the cabinets when he entered the room . She eventually found a few precious jewelry pieces that he had given to her in the past in some jewelry boxes . Most of which cost an arm and a leg . She had properly kept them away, not bearing to wear any of the pieces, yet now she ransacked them out and dumped them all on the bed .

“What are you doing?!” he demanded curtly .

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She did not respond to him, however . Acting like someone deaf, she took out a bankbook and several credit cards from a drawer, along with a Hermès bag that the man had bought for her as a birthday gift last year, then tossed everything on the bed .

Lifting her head, she forced herself to present a more elegant and cool side of herself and, in a haughty tone of a queen, said, “I’m returning everything to you, be it bankbook, credit cards, diamonds, jewelry, or branded bag! From now on, we have nothing more to do with each other, so please don’t come harassing me again!”

“W-What… nonsense are you spouting?!”

“This is no nonsense! I’m being serious here! I can’t stand it anymore! I’ve had enough of your arrogance, aloofness, and cruelty! I’ve had enough of living a life of a caged canary and waiting for you wholeheartedly, only to fail in receiving your sincerity! I’ve had enough of longing for you day and night, only to have you regard me with disdain! I can’t stand how self-opinionated you are that you don’t even consider my feelings!”

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Just what exactly have I got in return for my love?!

At this moment, she found herself to be really silly, stupid, and absurd!