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Published at 26th of December 2020 11:35:20 PM

Chapter 2186

The woman stood at the door in a daze for a long time before she closed it with a depressed look on her face .

His sudden, unannounced arrival had taken her by surprise .

Initially, she reckoned that the man must be mad at her, so she would not be seeing him for a while, but the man, looking harried, showed up without warning after barely a day of breaking up!

What does he want?

Why is he looking so anxious? Did his family issue him an ultimatum to clean up his affairs outside once and for all?

The woman patted her tummy worriedly . She was heart-wrenched!

I shouldn’t have told him about my pregnancy!

If she had known beforehand that he was not looking to marry her, she would have prepared herself from the very beginning . The pregnancy was an accident, but she could not bear to abort the fetus despite it .

It was a mistake to inform him about his child .

At least, she could then walk away quietly from him with some dignity at this juncture! She would walk away with the baby rather than suffer his whims now!

He seems very demanding today . Don’t tell me he plans to force me to go for abortion?!

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Her face sank at the thought!

The moment Mu Yancheng walked in, he could see a bowl of steaming hot instant noodles on the table which had yet to be touched .

After taking a closer look, he realized that the bowl of instant noodles was the cheap and easy-to-prepare type, where one only needed to pour boiling water into the disposable cup to heat up the content . This kind of instant food practically had no nutritional value .

Don’t tell me she’s having this for dinner?!

The man was greatly angered by the thought . Pointing at the bowl of noodles, he told her off mercilessly . “Are you only having this for dinner?! You should eat well since you’re pregnant now! How do you get your nutrients when you only feed yourself with instant cup noodles?!”

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“What has this got to do with you?!”

The man rebutted her coldly, “Haven’t I given you a fixed allowance every month?! Why didn’t you get yourself some supplements and tonics with the money I gave you instead of feeding on this junk food? How can the baby grow healthily inside you?!” He paused and turned around, waiting to criticize her further when he saw her standing behind him quietly, looking piteous . She was biting hard her lower lip as her eyes brimmed with tears .

Despite her best effort to keep the tears at bay, droplets started rolling down her cheeks one by one . Her tear ducts had acted up and could not be stopped, making her a sad and mellow sight to behold!

He was dumbfounded on the spot . As he looked at her trying to stifle her tears with great effort, he could not help lashing out at her impatiently . “Why are you crying for no good reason?!”

Meng Qingxue did not answer but shot him an indignant question, instead . “Why are you here for no good reason?!”

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The man did not know how to justify his appearance here, but he was apparently displeased by her sharp retort . “Why can’t I come here? I pay for the rent, and since this apartment is rented by me, it’s my property! I can visit my property any time I want!”

The lady snorted, her eyes still brimming with tears . She looked up and rebutted him, after mustering as much self-will as she could . “I’ve long moved out of the apartment that you got for me! I used my hard-earned money to rent this place! This is the place where I live; it isn’t your property . You can’t come here as and when you like!”

He was immediately put off by her declaration of independence!