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Published at 24th of December 2020 11:20:06 PM

Chapter 2185: 2185

“Honestly, I’m not sure who’s the father of the baby I’m carrying anymore . In any case, I’ll listen to whatever plans both of you have for me!”

The missy finally knew what she had to do and expressed her decision timidly to her family .

Her mother was overjoyed to see her spoiled daughter so obedient for once . “Good! You’ve become a considerate daughter finally! Don’t worry; mommy will make sure you have the best!”

“I know…”

Her father exclaimed, “Alright! That’s what we’ll do, then! We’ll have you take a DNA test tomorrow to confirm who’s the child’s father . We’ll decide on our next action after we get the result!”

“Okay . ”

Everyone reached a consensus .

The next day, Mu Yancheng waited a whole day to hear from his former girlfriend, but there was none; there was not even a message from her .

He had made his stand clear to her before he left her place last night . If the woman was smart enough, she would grab the chance to call him and confirm his arrangement, but up until evening, he had not heard from her .

He was really maddened .

What’s wrong with her? What does she want exactly?!

A woman like her is after material wealth and a good life, isn’t she?

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Well, I can give her lots of money!

Not only that; I even let her keep the baby while I do my part to take care and nurture the kid .

If the child is outstanding enough, her kid may even get a chance to be acknowledged by my family!

How dared she refuse such attractive conditions?!

Even if she didn’t want my money after I broke her heart, she should at least let me know what’s her decision, shouldn’t she? She ought to let me know whether she’s going to keep the child or not!

For a few times, he had the urge to call her just to straighten things out, but the moment he recalled her meekness, he could not bring himself to hurt her again .

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He suppressed his impulse to call her, and up until the night, he managed to give her a cold shoulder . The only problem was, the more he tried not to think of her, the worse he felt!

Finally, he made his way to her apartment again at 9 PM .

Outside the door, there was no answer despite him knocking for a long while . Just as he was wondering if something had happened to her, and he tried to reach her on the phone, the door was opened at last!

The woman’s downcast and frail-looking face greeted him at the door .

Unlike the past when she would be excited and overjoyed to see him, there was none of that pleasant surprise this time . Instead, she merely retorted impassively, “Oh, you came!”

Her lukewarm response infuriated him . “Why didn’t you call me at all today? Is this an attitude you should have toward me?”

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“You told me not to disturb you unless it’s an important matter, right?” Looking puzzled, she returned the accusation with a question, which instantly shut him up with embarrassment!

He did tell her so, but her considerate and meek nature was not something he wanted from her at the moment . “Did you not call just because I told you not to? What nonsense?!” he yelled at her like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum .

The woman’s face turned a shade paler .

What is this… .

Isn’t he the nonsensical one here?!

“Let me in!” he demanded matter-of-factly, and the woman quietly gave way for him to dash in .