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Chapter 2184: 2184

The man continued . “Do you want me to tell him straight up that the lass tried to steal Mu Yazhe’s semen from the sperm bank, but because of a blunder, she ended up with his, instead? Isn’t this too far-fetched to be real? What do you think his impression of the Songs will be after this? How much more embarrassment do I have to go through?!”

His wife looked as if she wanted to say something, but he interrupted, “Besides, how can we be sure that the baby is Mu Yancheng’s? If the baby turned out not to be his after delivery, that fella would surely turn against us . He’s not as sturdy as his brother, and we may end up in a worse state!”

Jiang Qimeng reassured him with a smile this time . “Don’t you worry about this! I’m thinking of doing another DNA test secretly just to be sure! If this baby is truly Mu Yancheng’s, then it’ll be to our advantage! If not, then we’ll follow your plan to abort the fetus, instead!”

Song Yunxi was troubled by his parents’ plan, though . “Are you sure that this is the way to go? Isn’t it unfair to Enya? It looks as if she’s desperate to be married off!”

His father snorted at his protest . “Do you think we want to do this? Your sister is the one who doesn’t treasure her reputation in the first place . We wouldn’t have to resort to this if she didn’t try to get a baby before marriage!”

The young man knew his father was right and did not say anything more .

Song Zhengguo pondered quietly for a while before continuing . “Your plan may work, too! According to my sources, Second Mu is keen on supporting Mu Yancheng as the next successor . Unfortunately, that old fella is too busy trying to settle the mess in the company now . After that b*st*rd relinquished his position, the Mu Group is trying to hold the fort without a leader . Seriously, I don’t know what will happen to the Mus from now on . I got a feeling that the situation will only get worse from here . I doubt Mu Yancheng has the caliber to take over this heavy responsibility! Still, a starving camel is bigger than a horse . The Mus are still the number-one elite family in the capital . We won’t stand to lose with Enya marrying that guy!” He squinted his eyes thereafter . “However, I’m just worried that we may end up placing the wrong bet!”

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His wife quickly added, “I’ve come into contact with Yancheng several times . That chap seems more humble and responsible than Yazhe even though he’s not as capable as the latter . Good thing he’s a simpler man compared to his brother, so we can easily manipulate him! We may be in a better position with him marrying Enya!”

The three of them quieted down as they mulled over their strategy . Shortly after, the missy returned to the silent living room with a fresh change of clothes .

She looked much better now after the ride home, thanks to her mother who had comforted her tirelessly during the journey .

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Before she joined them on the sofa, she had eavesdropped on their conversation at a far corner, so she knew their plan .

She was unprepared for the news that the baby belonged to Mu Yancheng . By this time, though, she had lost hope and interest in this entire affair! She would follow whatever arrangements her parents might have for her! After all, she got all of them into this deep sh*t in the first place . She would take responsibility for the mess she had created .

Her heart had truly turned cold this time . She no longer held any hopes for her future and would accept any man she had to marry!

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“Honestly, I’m not sure who’s the father of the baby I’m carrying anymore . In any case, I’ll listen to whatever plans both of you have for me!”