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Published at 23rd of December 2020 11:20:17 PM

Chapter 2181

The middle-aged man shut his eyes and let out a frustrated sigh . Suddenly, he seemed to be struck by an idea . His eyelids flipped open abruptly, and his orbs stared at his son with much anticipation . “I have a bank account under your custody, haven’t I?”

Song Yunxi could almost hear an eruption going off in his head even before his father finished his question .

His sister’s face had gone ashen as well .

Their father was so hung up on the money inside that account that he did not notice the synchronized change on the siblings’ face . He pondered for a while before remarking brashly, “I remember having more than twenty million inside that account!”

Like a drowning man who was clinging onto his last straw of hope, he surged forward to his son and demanded, “You are going to write a check first thing in the morning tomorrow!”


The young man looked to the ground with his pale-looking face, struggling to come up with an answer to his father’s desperate request . His furtive look and shameful silence got his father suspicious . The vigilant middle-aged man studied his son’s face and pressed on . “Where is the money now?!”

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Meanwhile, Song Enya was eyeing her father with a deep frown . Her hands clenched her skirt’s hemline nervously as she bit her lower lip hard . Due to the sheer force exerted on it, her pale lip flap had turned ruddy as if it were about to bleed any time .


“Don’t tell me that you’ve plundered it away without my permission?!” He was starting to fear for the worst, and his voice turned deep and sullen as he interrogated . By then, his voice sounded as if he were close to asphyxiation!

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His son clenched his fists tightly without saying a word .

He had safeguarded this account well, except for one major oversight—he did not expect his dear sister to steal from him, the latter proving to be his lethal blind spot!

Song Enya watched her brother struggle to come up with an excuse and knew he was still trying to shield her . Hence, before their father could erupt into a fury, she looked up, caught hold of his arm, and made up her mind to come clean with her act there and then . “It’s… It’s me!”

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Her parents exclaimed at the same time, “What?!”

“I took the money!” she blurted out hysterically .

She clung onto her head in agony and confessed the truth . “I-I needed that much sum… to execute my plan! In-vitro fertilization was costly, and I had to pay a hefty sum to obtain those samples… That’s why… I decided to touch that money! I thought my plan would go smoothly and that I would be able to return the money very soon, but… but my plan failed!”

Her words sent her father tumbling down a mental abyss . When he finally managed to recompose himself after his swirling vision settled, he bellowed angrily, “Song Enya, are you mad?!”

His booming, thunderous voice shocked the driver into almost losing control of the car . Gripping the steering wheel nervously, the poor driver broke into a cold sweat as he peeked at the rearview mirror to see what was happening at the back . His master’s angry yell had scared him out of his wits!