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Published at 23rd of December 2020 11:20:21 PM

Chapter 2180

“How can we find ten million in such a short time?!” mumbled Jiang Qimeng anxiously while feeling utterly disappointed with Mu Yazhe!

That rascal actually dared to raise such a shocking request?!

Ten million!

Even Song Yunxi was flabbergasted!

Meanwhile, Song Enya shuddered in fear when she heard this .

Why did Brother Mu become so ruthless suddenly?

Could it be that he really refused to give any more leeway for her? Ten million…

She suddenly caught her breath .

She had once secretly taken that sum from the bank account her older brother was safeguarding before she went overseas . That amount still left a big, empty hole in the account . If she had not done such a foolish thing, they would have still been able to fork out the ten million .

However, if it had not been for her throwing everything into one stake, which gave that man an opportunity to strike, the Songs would not have ended up in such a passive state .

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Did her dad know about this?

Her face paled terribly in an instant . She was worried that, if her father found out that it was her who had moved the funds and had lost everything all because of her test-tube baby, he might really strangle her to death out of rage!

When she thought about this, she began to tremble in fear!

Jiang Qimeng was focused on the matter at hand that she did not notice her daughter’s abnormal behavior, consoling her husband, “Zhengguo, don’t worry; I will have a talk with him later! He won’t be so ruthless for the sake of our sibling relationship!”

“Forget it!”

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Song Zhengguo scoffed in disdain . “He has nothing now . What can you talk about with him?! Sibling relationship? I think that rascal has already been possessed by the devil . He refused to be the family head and gave up on everything just because of a woman! Now, you are still looking forward to him acknowledging you as his sister?! He no longer acknowledges anyone related to him . You will only fall for his trap if you talk to him!”

He paused for a moment before letting out a cold huff as his eyes turned gloomy . “It is not a must to give that ten million, but his other condition is for me to give him that prime land for free through the power I have!”

Hearing this, Song Yunxi asked frantically, “Is it the piece of land in Xin Cheng?”

However, he kept quiet the moment he saw Song Zhengguo’s vicious expression .

His heart stuttered at that . Seeing how his father did not correct him instantly, he believed that Mu Yazhe must have made such a request .

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Song Enya’s tears began to spill in an instant . She knew well enough that, if her father gave that piece of land to Brother Mu for free, it would not be worth only ten million .

That parcel of land was priceless . It was inevitably clear that it would bring in spectacular monetary benefits . Also, the competitive project’s impact on her father’s status was hard to measure!

If the bidding process was successful, it was hard to imagine how much support her father could get in the political circle .

“Dad, you can’t possibly be giving him that piece of land, can you?!” asked Song Yunxi worriedly .

“What else can I do?! Do you want to witness our family being dragged in the mud by that rascal over this scandal?! I can’t afford to lose that much dignity . The Songs can’t afford to handle that amount of disgrace . Your grandfather is old; we can’t afford to lose him!”

Mu Yazhe really knew how to grasp a crucial part of a person .

Song Zhengguo really could not afford to lose in this matter .