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Published at 23rd of December 2020 11:20:07 PM

Chapter 2182: 2182

The mayor continued his castigation . “How dare you touch that money?! Do you know it’s public funds?!”

His daughter was truly remorseful by now . As her tears continued to flow, she begged for forgiveness . “It’s my fault… It’s all my fault! You can hate me, scold me, or even hit me to my death; I won’t blame you! Anyway, I have no desire to live anymore! I’ve disgraced you, mom, and everyone in the family! You can strangle me if you want! I know I’m in the wrong… wu wuu wuu…” She started to bawl her eyes out .

The old man gnashed his teeth at his daughter who was in tears; he was so upset that he lifted his arm to slap her a second time!

His wife reacted fast this time and quickly hugged her daughter under her arms while shrieking in desperation . “Calm down! Can you please calm down?!”

“Calm down?! How do you expect me to stay calm with such an unfilial daughter?! I wish… I wish…”

“There’s no point talking about this anymore! It already happened, and your daughter here knows that she’s in the wrong! I know she’s truly sorry this time . She won’t do such a stupid thing again! Can you give her one last chance, please?!” Jiang Qimeng pleaded wholeheartedly as the mother-daughter pair hugged each other tightly .

The middle-aged man stared dumbly at the two when a sneer escaped his lips all of a sudden . He then spouted with trembling lips, “The two of you are out to torment me, aren’t you?”

His wife dared not respond this time .

Song Zhengguo took out a box of cigarettes with his quivering hand, hoping for a drag to alleviate his pent-up frustration . He glanced at the pair clinging onto each other pathetically and was reminded of the unborn child in his daughter’s tummy . A fresh bout of fury hit him again, and he tossed the cigarette box out to the front .

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The box landed against the windshield of the car with a smack before it dropped and bounced off the dashboard .

The man was in bad shape by then . Covering his face with his palms, he bent over, looked to the ground, and muttered in a voice which had gone hoarse, “Daughter, do you know what you did… can kill me?!”

His wife was shocked beyond words, and so was their son . The head of the household had always been stoic and valiant yet just look at him now .

This was the first time they saw him crying before them, and it was all because of the missy!

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His daughter was too scared to say anything . She knew that she had gotten her father into deep sh*t this time . She was in grief to see her father this way, yet she could not console him when she was the culprit who had created this mess . At the same time, she also felt sorry for herself!

Her hatred toward her uncle grew deeper as a result . It was a classic case of ‘the deeper the love, the deeper the hate’ .

The love she had for Mu Yazhe had all but transformed into hate at that very instant .

She broke into a wail as she clung onto her shoulders with crossed arms . “Dad! Sorry… I’m so sorry… I know I’m in the wrong! I’ll listen to you in the future! I won’t be rebellious anymore! Wuuwuuwuu…”

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She dared not ask for her father’s forgiveness; all she hoped for was not to get him into trouble no matter what!

Her father did not say a word . With tears in his eyes, he remained silent for the rest of the journey .

His wife could see how heavy his heart was and dared not disturb him further .

After they reached home and settled down inside the hall, Song Enya’s mother ordered the nanny to bring the girl back to her room to wash up .