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Published at 21st of December 2020 12:05:24 AM

Chapter 2171

After hearing some noise static, the man hung up the phone sans expression and sent out the address of their location to his cousin .

Half an hour later, the Songs arrived with their men in three vehicles .

In fact, they even went to the extent of using cars reserved for government officials .

Upon seeing another group of customers arriving at the entrance, the waitress whined inwardly and was about to refuse business when she found the approaching middle-aged man looking familiar . However, she was unable to recall his name immediately . After a momentary pause, she tried to reject them politely, “Sir, we are closed for the day…”

She was stopped by her supervisor without warning . Apparently, he recognized the man even if she did not!

Isn’t he the mayor?! What is he doing here at this hour?

Just as Song Zhengguo stepped into the shop, he waved his hand at the few bodyguards standing behind him . His men immediately filed into the shop in an orderly manner, then proceeded to chase the workers, including the supervisor, out of the place like swatting away a bunch of flies .

The poor workers could only obey reluctantly . Their thin uniforms could hardly keep them warm in the sub-zero temperature outside the café . Everyone was shivering in the cold, but nobody dared to protest when they saw the official cars parked outside!

D*mn it!

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Today is really unlucky to meet some troublesome folks! It’s not easy running a business, and now, we have to fear for our lives…

They could only curse at their bad fortune!

When the coast was cleared, the mayor and his son brought the woman to the room . Once they opened the door, they saw their long-lost family member sitting at the table with a ghostly look on her face . She seemed to be reeling from a bad shock .

Jiang Qimeng was about to approach her daughter when she was stopped by her husband’s outstretched hand .

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“Stand aside!”

The mayor was already in a bad mood because his sleep had been disturbed, so when he saw his wife still trying to shield this willful daughter of theirs, it made his mood even worse .

The middle-aged man walked up to his daughter and halted right in front of her . Without calling her name, he grabbed her by the collar and sent a tight slap across her face!

A loud PAK! was reverberated in this small, confined room .

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The missy slumped back onto the seat due to the hard slap . With her face numb from the pain, she sat up and lifted her head to look .

The young lady finally stopped her wailing after crying buckets for half a day!

Her mother was heartbroken to see her in such a pathetic state, but she dared not speak up . All she could do was watch from one side with a heart-wrenching expression .

Even though she stopped crying, the young lady still looked dopey . She showed no reaction or awareness that her family had entered the room! However, she could slowly feel her face burning from the harsh slap . With her vision blurring momentarily from the concussion, she crawled up from the seat . Finally, her vision was clear enough for her to recognize the man standing in front of her . Her father was the one who had slapped her earlier!

She dipped her head groggily and touched her burning cheek . Her lachrymal glands started to act up and tears began cascading down her face once more . Her eyes were burning from too much crying by then, but the pain could not be compared to the hurt she was experiencing inside…