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Published at 21st of December 2020 12:05:20 AM

Chapter 2172

“What the hell happened, you disgraceful thing?!”

Song Zhengguo, who was thoroughly disappointed in his older daughter, could not help wishing to slap her a few more times in the face . That one slap had not been enough to vent his anger . Even though he found her sobbing look pitiful, his anger flared up when he recalled his wife telling him that their daughter had returned to the capital as an expectant mother .

How preposterous it was for a prestigious family’s missy to become an unwed mother?! Worse still, they had no idea who the father was!

He could not fathom what exactly this shameful daughter of his was thinking . She went missing for no rhyme or reason, then unexpectedly returned with a new life in her stomach .

Is she trying to drive me to an early death?!

Being a mayor, he had always been strict in educating his children and would bind them with all sorts of rules even though he lavished them with expensive things . If news about this matter were to leak, not only would people scold him and his family for spoiling societal morals, his position as a mayor would be detrimentally affected as well .

The re-election would be held in the coming year, and he had high chances of being re-elected as a mayor . How was he going to smooth this matter over now?!

Meanwhile, while Song Yunxi did not dare to butt in when his father was raging, his mother spoke out of concern for her piteous daughter upon seeing that the situation was getting out of hand . “Zhengguo, let’s just talk things out calmly—”


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Her husband was boiling in anger in the first place . Jiang Qimeng was just asking for a scolding from him when she brashly spoke out of nowhere .

The older man spun around on his feet and, not caring about the presence of outsiders, harshly chided, “Say another word, and I’ll teach you a lesson along with your daughter! How do you expect me to ‘talk things out calmly ‘ now?! If you didn’t spoil her so much and let her do whatever she pleased, would she be in this ridiculous situation?!”

Stung by those critical words, her eyes rimmed red instantaneously . She was already worried sick, yet receiving her husband’s censure in front of outsiders, she felt even more disgraced and embarrassed . The miserable woman covered her face with her hands and turned to face a corner .

Even though the son inwardly grumbled about his mother shooting her mouth off, he still felt sorry for her upon seeing her getting scolded by his father and immediately tried to coax her . “Mom, we’re in public right now! You, being a woman, should give dad some face and not speak out of place . Don’t interrupt him! Can’t we talk about it at home? By doing this, you’re only disgracing dad!”

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Hearing that, the older woman could only swallow down her grievances and sorrow and give a weak nod in acquiescence . Her eyes, however, were moist .

The sight of her father going ballistic, meanwhile, frightened and terrified Song Enya into wailing even louder .

The young lady had always held her father in much awe and reverence . While he usually appeared gentle and warm, he was terrifying whenever he flew into a rage .

“Do you even have the right to be crying now?! Spill it; how did this child come about?! A young lady like you should be cherishing your chastity, yet now you’ve returned pregnant—you only know how to cry and act pitiful! What the hell have you been doing all this while?!”

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The stern berating only made his daughter cry harder than ever .

Throughout, the politician did not spare Mu Yazhe a glance, and that got the latter sneering inwardly .

Song Zhengguo is quite a snob, huh?

To think that, when I was still at the helm of the Mu family, he’d always give me a warm greeting whenever we met, regardless of the important affairs he had on hand .

He has probably heard about my resignation and knows that I’m no longer the lofty family head of the Mus, so he thinks that he can just ignore my presence!