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Chapter 2170: 2170
Chapter 2170: No Love for Other Women

‘Stop joking around’!

His simple one-liner pushed her on the brink of despondency anew .

The missy’s gait turned unsteady before collapsing down into her seat . She no longer had the energy to speak as tears overflowed from her eyes like a broken dam . She burst into loud, helpless sobs .

“Wuu wuu wuu… Why are you so cruel to me?! I-I just want to be with you, even if I must do it secretly . What did I do wrong exactly…”

The man lit another stick and picked up his phone .

Yun Shishi glanced at him and realized just how hard-hearted her husband could be .

Here he was, smoking without any reservation in front of a pregnant lady . He did what he like without qualms .

Honestly, she did not think he had a strong addiction to smoking .

Is he doing this deliberately?

He always has a way to irk those he dislikes!

Since the one pregnant was not carrying his child, he saw no need to be considerate!

If she were to be the one pregnant, not only would he stop his smoking, he would also bash those who smoked before her in his tyrannical style .

She almost burst out laughing at the thought .

What do we call this? Having a protective pitbull instinct?

Pitbull? Wait a minute… What nonsense!

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I’m not his puppy!

This protective mentality is probably used on a husband rather than a dog!

Just as the protagonist was getting lost in her senseless rumination, her husband got through the line to his relative .

He suspected that his niece had come looking for him the moment she returned to the country . This meant that her family was probably unaware of her return yet!

He was looking forward to seeing what would happen next once the Songs found out what their precious daughter had done! He could not wait to see how enraged the stern mayor would be . He bet that the old man’s thunderous look would stay put for days!

It was terribly late, and Jiang Qimeng was already in bed for some time . However, as she had not been sleeping well since her daughter went missing, she had turned haggard and frail in the past month or so .

Her son did try pacifying and coaxing her to bed, but her sleep remained disturbed despite turning in early .

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Just as she was dozing in and out of dreamland, she was awakened by her phone’s ringing . Thinking that it might be a call from her daughter, she rushed to answer the phone . Mu Yazhe’s voice was heard from the other end, instead . “Cousin, Enya is back!”

He was a man of a few words in the first place; hence, his message was straight to the point sans greeting .

The middle-aged woman became alert instantly and was too agitated to think straight for a second . “Where is she?! Can you get her to speak to me now?”

“I’m afraid that she can’t speak to you now . ”


He glanced at the despondent girl sitting across from him, who was still crying and looking too distraught to talk, and remarked, “She’s having some problem now; it’ll be good to bring the rest of your family along to take care of her!”

“What do you mean?”

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“Your beloved daughter has gotten herself into deep sh*t . I’m afraid only your husband can settle her problem now!”

‘Your husband’?!

His cousin was perplexed by his queer and distant formality . “What happened exactly?”

“Your daughter is pregnant . ”

These four words struck the middle-aged woman like thunderbolts . She fossilized on the spot and the phone slipped to the ground with a loud thud .