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Published at 19th of December 2020 02:20:08 PM

Chapter 2169: 2169

Song Enya’s body swayed as she felt her world turning dark for a moment as if Judgement Day had arrived .

She wanted to cry but there were no tears!

Her mouth hung agape . Right now, she was in total shock and at a loss . Her expression was as comical as a clown, yet it was laced with utter despair .

Trembling, she clenched her fists tightly as she cried hysterically, “It’s impossible! It’s impossible… I made su—I made sure that it’s yours before I went through with the operation! When did you even have the chance to make the switch?!”

How did he detect her activity?

She was clearly very meticulous in keeping her plan confidential!

How did he find out?!

“It’s impossible?”

Mu Yazhe smiled casually before leaning back against the couch languidly, enjoying her look of despair to the fullest . There was no love in his eyes at all, only hatred that bone-deep!

“Exactly where did you get your confidence from to be deluded into thinking that you could do vile things without me finding out? Song Enya, it’s time to wake up; if you continue to persist in doing things the wrong way, it will only make me hate you more . ”

The loathing in his eyes stabbed her painfully!

She looked at his piercing gaze and felt as if she had lost all her strength . As if all the bones in her body had been smashed to pieces and as if she had lost her mind because of a heartbreak, she muttered incessantly, “It’s not possible . It’s not possible!”

This man always had the ability to bruise her with his words until she was bleeding .

“Still, it’s all thanks to you reminding us of such a danger that, during your in-vitro fertilization operation, I got Min Yu to supervise someone into destroying those specimens!”

His then lips curled into an icy smile while he remained nonchalant and poised . “Isn’t it time for you to wake up from your dream?”

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Song Enya bit her lower lip harshly as she broke down into tears .

It was more than just waking up…

She was already smashed and scattered…

How could this…

How could this be?

She had planned and prepared for so long, yet it was so easily destroyed by him . In a second, she fell from the summit to the base, her body in pieces .

Distractedly, she raised her head and saw the lighthearted look on Yun Shishi’s face . Throughout, the woman was so calm and graceful, completely indifferent to the conversation occurring .

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Yes .

The woman was now like a high-and-mighty princess doted on by Brother Mu .

The man gave all he could, building a huge castle to protect her, and no matter what Song Enya did and how desperate she was, she could never hurt that woman even a bit .

Oh, how much she yearned for such love .

She wanted to be a worry-free princess as well, while enjoying all the doting from her beloved man, but…

‘Isn’t it time for you to wake up from your dream?’

His ice-cold words rang in her mind .

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Suddenly, Song Enya stared fixedly at the woman as if she had gone crazy . With a last shred of hope, she interrogated him fervently, “Brother Mu, I don’t want you to be responsible anymore! I will not beg you to be responsible anymore, so please don’t be so cruel . Tell me that the baby inside my womb is yours . It is, isn’t it? It’s just that you hate it, so you said those words for me to abort it, right?”

His words earlier were just to infuriate her so that she would unconsciously abort the baby!

That was it, was it not?

“Stop joking around,” responded Mu Yazhe coldly .

‘Stop joking around’!