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Chapter 2168

Hearing this, Yun Shishi could not hold her anger in any longer as she engaged in a sarcastic repartee with the missy . “I don’t think a lady who’s using a baby, conceived through unscrupulous means, to blackmail someone is powerful enough to say such words! Song Enya, do not think so highly of yourself! I will not hold him back, so you are in no place to criticize me on that!”

The other pointed at her, screeching, “B*tch! You are in no place to lecture me!”

She let out a burst of cynical laughter instead of getting angry and responded, “You are in no place to lecture me either, are you?! Let me advise you: Cut to the chase . Don’t wait for me to get pissed off, or you’ll suffer a miscarriage with a kick from me!”

Her aggressive and fierce words caused the missy to shiver in fear . She shielded her stomach unconsciously and accused her tearfully, “You dare?!”

“Wanna see if I dare? How about letting me kick you for a try?”

Yun Shishi tightened her fists .

She had wanted to do this for a while!

If not for the fact that the child was innocent, she would have kicked Song Enya the moment she started pestering her .

Song Enya squinted her eyes and sneered . “‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’! Let Brother Mu have a look at your true colors!”

With that, she looked at the man and accused, “Brother Mu, listen to her; those are the words coming from the woman you’ve been protecting all this while! She actually dares to hurt your flesh and blood—”

“Who said that the child in your stomach is my flesh and blood?”

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Mu Yazhe said such words languidly, then wrapped his arm around his wife’s waist lazily .

However, this intuitive action showed how much he protected her .

Seeing this, Song Enya’s heart cooled drastically!

At the same time, she registered what the man had said and quivered for a moment . She immediately refuted his words with righteousness . “Brother Mu, don’t you believe me? If you don’t, we can do a paternity test . I—”

“Song Enya, did you think that you could get pregnant with my child through artificial insemination without me knowing it?”

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The man interrupted her icily, his words filled with mockery and contempt .

She was taken aback . “What do you mean?”

He took a sip of his coffee . A smile was hidden beneath his eyes, but his tone was so cold that it sounded cruel . “I probably bribed someone from the management of the Mus’ private sperm bank to get what you wanted . You would really do anything to achieve your goals, huh? I regret to tell you, but when you were preparing for the insemination, I deployed someone to switch the sperms . That’s why the child in your stomach belongs to Mu Yancheng . ”

His words undoubtedly heartlessly nailed Song Enya to the cross until fresh blood was spilling!

She widened her eyes in disbelief . She stared fixedly at his handsome face with her malevolent and slackened gaze . Her mouth hung agape, but she could not make a sound .

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After half a day of futile attempts, she finally squeezed out a few words . “It’s… impossible…”


“It’s impossible! It’s impossible!”

This plan was thought out meticulously and carefully by her . She had ensured that everything was a surefire before she went for the test-tube baby operation, yet he was now telling her that the sperms had been audaciously swapped, and the child in her stomach was Mu Yancheng’s?!


How could this be possible?!

She had seemingly fallen into hell due to this detrimental blow .