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Chapter 2167: 2167
Chapter 2167: He would seize it back with interest .

“I am pregnant . Regardless of how I did it, I am truly pregnant with your child . Our baby is about four weeks old . I hope that you will be responsible for it!”

Just as she finished speaking, Yun Shishi sneered inside as she kept an impassive look .

This woman sure knew how to speak in a pompous manner!

She was actually requesting for her husband to take responsibility!

On what grounds?!

Not only did she ridiculously get herself pregnant, she was also shamelessly using it as blackmail material!

Was she not a bit too naïve?!

Mu Yazhe put out the cigarette in his hand, but he did not seem anxious at all . He remained unperturbed while pretending to listen to his niece patiently .

Seeing that he was not refuting her, Song Enya began to feel confident . She glanced at Yun Shishi before looking at the man again . “I heard from this woman that you had abandoned your title as the Mu family’s head for her . Is that true? If it’s true, have you gone crazy, Brother Mu? Everyone is fighting over that position till they’re black and blue, yet you gave it up just because of her . Why did you not think beyond this?!”

Mu Yazhe was cold toward her questioning . “Not think beyond this? You’re wrong . It’s because I was sick of it . It had nothing to do with her . ”

Song Enya was flabbergasted .

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He was protecting her!

Even now, he was still protecting her!

Just how important did he still regard it?!

At that time, to clinch the title as the Mu family’s head, he had given it his all and annihilated his enemies completely . How could he be so unaffected by this now?

This was not like him!

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In her heart, he was someone with high ambition who always had a strategy for everything . His capability was extraordinary, and he was bold, yet now, he was simply using ‘I am sick of it’ as an excuse .

If this was not protecting his wife, then what was it?!

“Brother Mu, what do you mean by sick of it? This woman doesn’t know, but I’ve seen how much you gave to the Mu Group and Disheng! How could you be so unaffected by this? It must’ve been the Mus who made you choose between them and her! Do you know what the consequences are for being so rash?! All your years of effort going to waste just like that—are you truly willing to accept it?!”


How could he be willing?

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He was only temporarily giving up on the Mu Group . Soon, he would seize it back with interest .

Coincidentally, at this time, the waiter pushed open the door and untimely walked in . He brought the milk and coffee forward before turning and leaving .

Song Enya was silent for a moment but soon forced a smile on her face as if she was trying to pull herself together . “The reason the Mu family refuses to acknowledge this woman is that she isn’t worthy of you, but I am different! My father is the mayor, and you should know the background and status of the Songs in the capital . If we get together, your prospects will be great with the power of my family! Perhaps several high-ranking elders in your family were apprehensive of me previously, but things are different now! I am pregnant with your child, and it is a boy . The Mu family treasures the mother of a son . As long as I give birth to this son for you, your status will stabilize! When that time comes, who can shake up your position? But if you stay with this woman, she will only hold you back!”

“Hold him back?!”