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Published at 19th of December 2020 02:20:33 PM

Chapter 2166

He already knew about his niece’s pregnancy from his wife, but he still wanted to hear it from her directly .

Since his niece was already so shameless, then he might as well shred her last bit of dignity .

He could be cold-blooded against someone whom he held no feelings for .

The missy remained quiet and shameful-looking . She did not know how to put across the words now .

Earlier, she had proclaimed to his wife that she had the child after a one-night stand with him, but that was just a lie meant to drive a wedge between the couple .

The truth was, nothing happened between her and Brother Mu .

Her original plan was to talk to the man alone and get him to bear responsibility for her pregnancy one way or another, be it through overt or subtle blackmail . At the same time, she would try to cast doubts on the married couple’s relationship .

Alas, she had none of the guts when his wife was around!

If she were to bring up the topic of pregnancy and he asked for its origin, how would she answer?

If his wife were not present, she could tell him the truth without trouble . After all, since she had his baby now, he would not do anything to her, right?

However, to say it in front of this woman would mean admitting that she had lied to the latter earlier! It was as good as slapping herself in the face!

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The man saw her hesitation and lost his patience . Seemingly doing this on purpose, he took out a stick and lit it up promptly without asking for permission . The air turned stuffy soon after smoke filled the room .

The hypersensitive nature of the missy resurfaced, and she looked up wryly at the man puffing away on his cigarette . Tears welled up and flowed freely down her face as she uttered, “Brother Mu, can you put out the cigarette, please? I-I am pregnant…”


The man was in no hurry to stub out the light and, instead, found her guarded look disdainful . “How did you manage to get yourself pregnant?”


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She was dumbfounded, unsure of how to answer his question!

Unbeknown to this poor girl, who was still trying to mask her ugly deeds, the two had long figured out her game . In actuality, he knew exactly what she was plotting!

Right now, he viewed her as a joke!

The missy continued to hold her breath and shield her nose and mouth while tears streamed down her cheeks, sobbing . “I’m pregnant… with your baby!”

“My baby?”

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The man snorted and interrogated her in return, “How did you get pregnant with my child? I don’t recall doing anything with you!”

He was out to embarrass her!

With nowhere to hide, she decided to give it her all . She had already lost all her dignity, so she might as well show her hand and lay out her cards . There was nothing more to lose . Besides, would she be anything worse than his wife who had his children before their marriage?!

With a snigger, the young missy looked up suddenly and enunciated, “Brother Mu, I asked you out tonight to talk about this matter actually . I’m pregnant, and it might not be in a way that you would have approved of, but regardless of how I did it, I am truly pregnant…”