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Published at 19th of December 2020 02:20:38 PM

Chapter 2165

“We are already married . ”

He clenched her hand after saying that, and with their fingers tightly interlocked, he lifted them up to show off the wedding bands on their ring fingers, declaring their matrimony with pride .

The waitress, who had not expected a mushy proclamation from the man, quickly apologized, “Oh, no . I didn’t notice! Both of you look so young, so I reckoned that you’re just a young, unmarried couple! May you both enjoy a lifetime of happiness and bliss!”

The envy revealed in the waitress’s words indubitably made Song Enya cringe in her seat .

It was hard for any woman to watch the man she loved being congratulated while holding another woman . The missy felt her heart aching as if it had been pricked by a thousand fine, sharp needles .

As she held up the glass of milk with trembling hands, attempting to take a sip, her fingers inadvertently slipped, and the glass flipped onto the table .

She let out a shriek uncontrollably, which immediately destroyed the peaceful ambience inside the café .

The waitress glanced at her and the glass of overturned milk on the table, where the fluid started to flow from the side of the table down to her hemline .

“Be careful!” The kind-hearted girl walked over and tried to help clean the wet stain with a piece of clean cloth .

Just as her hand was about to touch the missy, the latter exaggeratedly held her tummy protectively before swatting the girl’s hand away . “Don’t touch me!”

The waitress retreated to one side nervously .

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The rich lady quickly realized her rude action and immediately said with a shameful blush, “I can clean it myself . ”

“Oh… okay…” The waitress passed her cloth politely, which the lady took with trembling hands and started to wipe herself dry carefully .

It might be due to her traumatic experience with the I-VF procedure, but she had been hyper-sensitive since then .

The care she rendered to the fetus inside her was way beyond motherly instinct . Others might even find her behavior insane!

After cleaning up, she handed back the cloth to the waitress, and the latter dutifully asked, “Do you want another glass of warm milk?”

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“Yes . ”

“You want it without sugar, right?”

“Yes . ”

The waitress finally retreated from the room after taking their orders .

The missy hung her head helplessly . Ashen-faced, her back slumped against the seat like a deflated doll .

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Yun Shishi stole a glance at her before she looked down at her cellphone, intending to play a game . She was not an invited party but was merely here to accompany her husband . Hence, she would not make the first call .

From the look of things, her man was probably trying to extinguish the last flaming desire his niece had for him . He had made up his mind to use such ruthless means to draw a line with her .

A woman would probably stop pestering a man after she witnessed him sharing a loving moment with his wife, would she not? Unless, of course, that woman was downright shameless .

On second thought, his niece probably belonged to the latter category! If not, she would not have tried to get herself impregnated with his child at all costs and landed herself in such a masochistic situation .

The man turned to his niece, but unlike the gentleness he had displayed for his wife earlier, he looked frigid and impassive when he asked her, “What is it that you’ve asked me out for?”

He was purposely making this difficult for her!