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Published at 17th of December 2020 10:20:12 PM

Chapter 2164: 2164
Chapter 2164: We are already married!

The young missy was thunderstruck the moment Yun Shishi emerged from behind Mu Yazhe . She stood rooted to the spot, unable to move .

Yun Shishi?!

Why is she here?!

Oh, how could I forget that they’re already married with a grand engagement, and since they’re living together, I bet she’s beside him when I called earlier!

Why didn’t I think of that then?!

In any case, why did Brother Mu bring her here for? Was it because he’s afraid of her misunderstanding him?

He’s never been a considerate person toward others before!

He’s a hard-hearted man who hardly bothers himself over small details, especially women!

The thought struck her so bad that her face fell flat instantly .

The couple entered the room to see her standing alone inside . Despite the bright lights around her, she seemed to be shrouded in sullen darkness .

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to meet here to tell me something?”

The man nonchalantly brought his wife to the table to take a seat and called his niece to follow suit . “Come and sit down!”

She remained standing for a while before turning around unwillingly to take a seat across from them .

She was struggling within herself at that moment .

With Yun Shishi’s presence here, her scheme might fail!

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There were things she could not speak freely about with his wife around .

The milk in the cup that she was holding in her hands had gone cold by then . Ever since she was pregnant, she had been very careful with herself, making sure that she did everything she could to keep the precious baby healthy inside her .

This was her last chip . All her efforts would go to waste if she were to lose the baby!

As such, she was extremely careful with whatever she did or ate .

The waitress came over and asked politely, “What would you like to order?”

The man gracefully took the menu from the server and gently asked the woman sitting beside him, “Wifey, what do you want to order?”


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Have they advanced to this stage of intimacy already?

Crestfallen, Song Enya dipped her head as she gripped her clothes’ hemline despondently . The affectionate term the man had used to address his wife practically tore her apart .

Meanwhile, the two sitting across from her were deep in discussion over what to order . Instead of behaving like a newly-wed couple, they were debating over the drinks and desserts like an old, married pair who had been in love for many years .

What is this?! Are they doing this in front of me on purpose?!

It must be this woman’s plot! She wants to put on a loving show to deal a hard blow on me, right?!

When did Brother Mu start to be this loving toward a woman, anyway?

She was heartbroken as she ruminated jealously . The wound which she thought to have healed inside her was ripped open once more, revealing the rotten flesh within .

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“You are not allowed to have coffee at this hour . ”

“But I want coffee…”

Mu Yazhe ignored her protest and turned to the waitress . “Give me a glass of warm milk and a cup of espresso without cream . ”

“Got it . ”

As the waitress jotted down his order, she commented smilingly, “Ma’am, your boyfriend is so caring toward you . Both of you look so happily in love!”

The man seemed to be a tad displeased with what the girl had said and quickly corrected her . “We’re already married . ”