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Published at 14th of December 2020 11:55:24 PM

Chapter 2154

Why, then, did he give up his post for no reason?! This is crazy!

As she struggled over the possible causes of his resignation, her hateful gaze fell on Yun Shishi, and she spat a question right then and there . “Was it because of you?”


“You! It’s all because of you; am I right?” shouted Song Enya at the top of her lungs out of bitterness . “He resigned because of you!”

Yun Shishi pursed her lips into a smile as a silent admission .

“Yes,” she declared . Her nonchalance was like a sharp arrow as it pierced the other’s heart .

Song Enya was dumbfounded .

Brother Mu actually left the Mus to be with her?!

This can’t be…

What charm does this woman have to make such an ambitious man give up on his inheritance?!

No, she would not believe this!

“Why… did it turn out this way…” incessantly muttered the missy muttered under her breath, still in a state of disbelief .

Yun Shishi decided to be kind for once, clarifying . “The Mus wanted him to choose between them and me, and he merely made his choice . Does my reply satisfy you?”

The missy was thoroughly floored, but she could not be bothered with her further . Shaking off her hand which was gripping her arm, she turned and walked away from the shell-shocked lady .

After the door slammed shut in her face, Song Enya slumped to the floor with vacuous eyes . She was looking frail and lost at this moment…

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Once Yun Shishi got in her car, started the engine and looked at the rearview mirror; she could see a wan-looking face reflected on it .

She tried to tidy her windblown hair, but the action was hardly able to soothe the tumultuous thoughts in her heart .

It was not because she did not trust him .

She believed wholeheartedly in the man, who had given up his power and fortune to be with her . He would never be unfaithful to her .

Nonetheless, how did his niece manage to get impregnated with his child?

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She had, in fact, carefully examined the DNA report earlier . As she had experience with such a thing, she knew how to check one .

Normally, a report like that could not be falsified, unless one had absolute power .

Besides, the missy did not hold back her claims with regard to the DNtest result . From the way the lady had sounded earlier, she knew that that lady would readily go for another round of tests if necessary . That was not the behavior of a liar .

This meant that that lady was indeed pregnant with Mu Yazhe’s child .

That DNtest result showed an indisputable relation with the man .

She did not know how the missy managed to make it happen, but the realization that her enemy was now bearing her beloved man’s child hurt her terribly .

She was not at the stage where she could stomach this; however, she could tell what the other was trying to do!

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That lady was trying to use her pregnancy to provoke her, thus leading to a rift between her and the man .

Naturally, she would not let that missy succeed!

Still, there were doubts she just could not rationalize away .

She was not that cool-headed to keep a tight rein on her emotions .

After sucking in a cool, deep breath, she clenched the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator hard .

The moment she reached home and stepped into the house after opening the door, she saw the man sitting on the couch, reading the newspapers .

His handsome side-profile looked charming and at peace under the warm lights .