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Published at 14th of December 2020 11:55:31 PM

Chapter 2153

Her unaffected attitude rendered the young missy gobsmacked . Instead, she, as the so-called third party in the two’s relationship, was thrown into disarray and lost her cool .

Song Enya forced herself to calm down as she spat, “Yeah, let’s just wait and see! By then, once the Mus are done making the necessary arrangements, I’ll have to trouble you to quickly go through the divorce procedure and give up your position to me . ”

The other merely kept her silence .

Thinking that the woman was starting to panic now, the self-opinionated lady added fuel to the fire to fan the flames further . “Why didn’t you realize it back then? It’s clear that you and Brother Mu wouldn’t last long together, yet you shamelessly went ahead and got married with him . Did you think that you’d be with him forever if you tied him down to you? Ha ha! Fat chance!”

Yun Shishi was clearly indifferent to the provocation .

She had remained apathetic throughout this lady’s ranting, yet the latter was completely ignorant of her disinterest as she continued her tirade . “What will happen eventually? You’ll surely get jilted by him! Only I can glamorously become the Mus’ prime mistress at the end of the day! Ha ha ha…”

At that, she raised a question . “The Mus’ head mistress?”

“Yup,” smugly answered the rich missy . “What? Once I marry Brother Mu, won’t I naturally become his family’s head mistress?! With my superior background, I’m much more qualified to hold that position compared to you! Between us, his family’s bound to favor me more . The influence of my family isn’t as simple as you think . His future will only become brighter with my family lending him a hand, while being with you will only invite more vicious gossip and disparaging looks to him! Don’t you know that you have a poor reputation in his family? Everyone’s laughing at you and saying that you’re a slut . You’ll only be his stumbling block and a hindrance to his future if he continues to stay with you! It’s different for me, though . I can make use of my family’s influence to assist him in conquering greater heights—”

Suddenly, her passionate fantasy got disrupted .

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“You’ll be disappointed to know this then . ”

The young lady, who was cut off midway, had eyes teeming with questions . “What is it?”

Looking all calm and serene, Yun Shishi said, “He’s no longer the Mu family’s head . ”

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Song Enya’s expression froze as though her face had been encased in ice .

The woman found her reaction to be as laughable as that of a jumping clown . Just when she moved to leave, the missy, with a stormy look, grabbed her arm to stop her . “What did you just say?! Brother Mu’s no longer the family head?! What do you mean by that?! He—”

The woman let loose a contemptuous chuckle . What she was about to say next was as good as splashing the young lady with a basin of icy water, of which the coldness seeped right into the latter’s heart . “Looks like your intel isn’t updated! I thought you’d already received news that your beloved Brother Mu had stepped down from his position as the family head and the Mu Group’s CEO right in front of all his elders last night . I’m sorry to spoil your beautiful fantasy, but even if you marry him now, it appears that you won’t have the fate to wear the glorious title of head mistress!”

Feeling thoroughly shocked, Song Enya bit her bottom lip hard!

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Never in her wildest imagination did she expect such a situation .

Brother Mu abdicated his position as family head?!


He had so many supporters in his family, and that’s why he could run the company smoothly all that while . Under his leadership, all the Mu Group’s affairs were handled swiftly and efficiently .