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Published at 14th of December 2020 11:55:08 PM

Chapter 2155: 2155

Once he was done dealing with matters at Shengyu’s office, he returned home, where he was told by his sons that his wife had hurriedly left the house earlier . He called her and was told by the woman that she was on her way back . As such, he decided to read the financial news on the couch while waiting for her .

Flipping through the newspaper, he checked if there was any announcement from the Mu Group . Just as expected; there were no updates from them .

The PR team was probably still preparing their official statement for his departure, so it might only be released by tomorrow or the day after .

He could imagine his uncle busying with company affairs currently, trying to minimize damage as much as possible .

That old man must be livid with me right now!

The man heard the door opening, and when he saw his wife standing there, he asked with a smile, “Why are you back so late?”

The woman stood at the door and did not appear to be overjoyed by his inquiry . She leaned against the door frame and threw the car keys on the table . She looked helpless and depressed with her head drooping lethargically!

He was befuddled by her forlorn appearance . Was this woman again antagonized outside to return with such a face?

The truth was that she had tried hard to console herself on her way back here without much success .

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Although she might appear confident in front of the missy and made fun of the latter sans reservation, she was actually not that self-assured!

On one hand, standing by her husband, she repeatedly reminded herself that he was not one to betray her . On the other hand, just by looking at him, her pain and jealousy would flare up as she recalled that this man’s niece was carrying his child!

She was feeling torn, as well as deeply aggrieved, inside . After all, one could imagine the unpleasant feelings when a hateful rival claimed to bear the child of one’s beloved and tried to get between their marriage!

Never in her conservative mentality had she imagined that a rival would obtain her man’s sperm through improper means and impregnate herself with it through artificial insemination!

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This was when the man noticed that something was off with her and immediately got up off the sofa . Her head remained bowed, looking sad and down, when he walked up to her .

“What’s wrong?” he asked .

Expressionless, she pushed him away, walked up to the dining table to get herself a glass of water, and drank it at one go .

Her mood seemed to calm down somewhat after drinking the cool water . Once the woman finally composed herself, she looked up and spoke at the man, who had quietly occupied the seat beside her . “Song Enya asked me out today . ”

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He was surprised to hear that . “She’s back?”

“Your information network isn’t how it’s used to be!”

She did not know why her words were especially sharp with him today . It was as if she wanted him to bear her unhappiness, so she could feel better somehow .

The man was not upset, however . Ever since he abdicated his throne, he had felt unfettered by a mountain of urgent, business matters . He could now shower her with patience which was reserved then for tackling his job . Thus, her words right now only made him laugh .