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Published at 13th of December 2020 02:25:09 PM

Chapter 2151: 2151

Two, the man could handle himself even when in a situation which called for alcohol . He knew his proprieties and never let himself misbehave, so it was improbable for him to get drunk!

Seeing that she remained unconvinced, Song Enya scoffed . “What? Don’t believe my words?”

The other merely lifted her head to meet her eyes .

The missy went on prattling . “What is it that you don’t believe, me getting pregnant or the child in my stomach being Brother Mu’s?”

“Why should I believe you?”

Despite what she said, there was a forced smile on the actress’s face . “Jeez . You really don’t have any abilities save for your impressive ability to sow discord between people! Since you’re expecting my husband’s child, what are you after by fanning the flames with me here instead of telling my husband this news right away?”

“Yun Shishi, you aren’t even aware of your lack of common sense . From what I see, you don’t have a true understanding of men at all!”

The rich missy laughed as she added, “Men always act on impulse! Many a time, their biological needs and primal instincts will triumph over their logical reasoning! Even though Brother Mu is a very attractive and charming man, he’s ultimately not a god! It’s only inevitable that he’ll commit mistakes every man commits! Stuff like ‘Since I love him, I trust him fully’ is just a self-comforting excuse!”

“Do you think I’ll believe your words easily? There’s a limit to one’s shamelessness . You’re born into a prestigious family, after all; surely, there’s no need for you to cheapen yourself in such a manner?”

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The actress cast a cool, piercing gaze on the young lady as she shot back at her .

The rich missy merely let out a provocative laugh . “You can always go back and ask Brother Mu about it if you don’t believe me! I doubt he’ll admit to it, but if you really don’t believe my words and want to look to the bottom of things, I can show you proof!”

As she spoke, she pulled out a kraft paper envelope from her bag and smilingly pushed it to her nemesis when the latter did not bother reaching out for it . “What? Aren’t you going to check its content at all? Has your confidence started wavering, and that’s why you don’t dare to face the truth?”

How could the other possibly not open the envelope and see what was inside it after receiving such a provocation from Song Enya?

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Thus, she opened it, pulled out several pages worth of a medical report, and went through each .

She did not quite comprehend what she was reading, but the last line was easily understandable . It read: ‘It is confirmed that W6829F and W1993D are biologically related . ’

This meant that the two samples provided for the paternity test were blood-related .

The woman squinted and regarded her husband’s niece with skepticism .

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Not bothering to wait for the other to question her, Song Enya smugly hooked her lips into a smirk and sneered . “You don’t have to doubt the authenticity of this paternity-test result, either . It has the official seal of a certified hospital on it, and I have all the evidence to back it up! If you think this is fake, you can take it to the hospital and check if it’s officially issued by them . On the other hand, if it’s the child you’re doubtful about, I can always do another test . ”

The confidence she was exuding revealed that she was unafraid of any sort of tests .

This indubitably took a toll on Yun Shishi’s confidence .

She put down the report on the table and slipped her hands into her coat’s pockets, only to make contact with a metallic item inside one of them . Feeling curious, she grabbed it and easily identified the cool, metallic item at once . It was the zippo-brand lighter that she had taken out from her husband’s pocket last night .