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Published at 13th of December 2020 02:25:18 PM

Chapter 2150

Meng Qingxue was past caring about the man’s feelings as she voiced her displeasure at him . “What do I want?! I don’t want any of those things you mentioned! All I want is you!”

“What do you mean by that?!”

“You don’t understand me after all! I don’t care about living in the lap of luxury . All I want is to be with you and become your lawful wife!”

Mu Yancheng immediately lashed out . “From what I see, your greed is insatiable! What I can promise to give you are only those I’ve just mentioned! Think it through carefully and see what’s best for you! This is who I am: I have my ambitions and pursuits! I won’t allow anyone to become my stumbling block, and that includes you!”

As soon as he said his piece, the young man stood up and walked to the doorway . His abrupt action startled the woman for a moment before she snapped out of it and gave chase, only to see him striking halfway out of the opened door .

His body stiffened for a second before he turned to pin her with an icy look and cruelly tossed out, “Give me a call once you’ve thought it through, and I’ll arrange the rest of the matter . All you need to do is focus on taking good care of yourself and on preparing for labor, but if you’re reluctant to do what I suggested, you can always break up with me . The child will belong to me, or you can do whatever you want with it . ”

With that, he slammed the door shut and left without so much of a head turn .

Feeling utterly heartbroken, the woman leaned against the door . Her body slowly slid down as she cried her heart out in desolation…

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Inside the café .

After Song Enya haughtily announced that she was pregnant, Yun Shishi somehow became inexplicably calm . She was not flustered at all .

The lady’s announcement came as a great astonishment to her .

She had tried guessing the rich missy’s intention for inviting her to a cup of coffee on the way here, but when she heard her pompous declaration, she merely gave a bland, frigid smile in response .

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Amid this tense silence, the waiter knocked at the door and entered with a tray in hand . He placed the Blue Mountain coffee she had ordered in front of her before turning to leave .

She held the cup of hot coffee between her hands, allowing it to warm them, as she listened to the missy’s shrill voice once more . “The child is already three weeks old . It happened when Brother Mu returned from Sea City . Wasn’t your relationship somewhat rocky at that time? He was so drunk that night that he wrapped me in his arms when I tried helping him into his room . He might’ve mistaken me for you, but we indeed slept together that night!”

The young missy paused, then smiled bitterly, and continued . “I’ve always wanted him for myself, but I didn’t expect that I’d end up becoming his woman, and it’s all thanks to you! It’s fine, though . Since I’m unable to have him or his heart, I’m satisfied with just having his child . ”

She was wearing a bright and smug smile all this while .

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That smile was a glaring sight to the other!

No matter how much she forced herself to keep her cool, her mind remained in a jumbled mess .

After he came back from Sea City?!

Mu Yazhe did rush back to the capital at that time, but according to her manager, it was because his niece had gone missing without a trace that he did so .

Her trust in the man was firm and unwavering .

For one, based on her understanding of him, the man was not a fan of alcohol . He usually stayed away from it and would not touch a drop of it unless the occasion required him to do so .