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Published at 13th of December 2020 11:45:15 PM

Chapter 2152: 2152
Chapter 2152: Fan the Flames

Her husband, who seemed to be deeply troubled by yesterday’s unforeseen event, smoked quite a few sticks last night and only took a break at it when his buddies arrived . It was then that she seized the chance to search through his coat’s pockets for the lighter, remove it, and slip into her coat’s pocket .

Scoffing, Yun Shishi pulled out that lighter from her pocket, flipped its lid open, and ignited it . Her one hand reached for the test result while the other brought the lighter to the edge of it, lighting it on fire . Amid Song Enya’s frantic shout, the fire spread and started burning the document into ashes .

She then coolly tossed the still burning document in front of the missy, which got the latter shrieking in terror and hastily reaching for the cup of warm milk to toss at it .

The flame snuffed out with the rise of fume .

“You!” After recovering from her hysterical outburst, Song Enya glared at the other . “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“You don’t have to let me see this sort of thing . Do you think my trust for my husband will waver just like that? Stop being so self-opinionated and naïve!”

After coolly tossing those words out, the actress stood up and walked in the door’s direction .

The spoiled missy followed suit while she continued her aggressive talk . “I’m telling you: You won’t be able to keep your smugness for too long! I’ll bring this paternity test result to the Mus tomorrow and seek them for help! On the account of the child, they’ll surely arrange for me to get married to Brother Mu . Let’s see who will have the last laugh then! You can only be arrogant now!”

Upon hearing that, Yun Shishi stopped walking and whirled about .

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“Oh, okay . Let’s wait and see then!”

Her calm response left Song Enya feeling baffled .

She had paid an unimaginable price and done her best to adjust her body conditions for the sake of conceiving this child .

Upon the success of the IVF procedure, she only took a short rest at the hospital before rushing to fly back to the country . She did not look for her beloved Brother Mu, though .

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What was the use of looking for him when the child was conceived using despicable means? He might not acknowledge the baby in her stomach despite it being his flesh and blood .

Thus, once she took some rest from a nearby hotel upon touching down at the capital, she immediately launched her provocation at Yun Shishi!

It would make things easier for her if she acted on this woman first .

Thinking that the other might question the validity of her words when she revealed this matter to her, she prepared the DNtest report in advance . She was even looking forward to throwing it at the latter’s face earlier . This woman would then lose her cool and charge back home to confront her husband, hysterically and tearfully venting her frustration on him for suffering in her hands .

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Given the man’s aloof character, he would be unable to tolerate his beloved wife being distrustful of him . The two would surely end up estranged because of this matter .

This was indeed one of the ways to sow dissension!

The young lady had carefully laid this trap, waiting for her love rival to jump into the pit and get trapped inside it .

No woman could keep a check on their temper after receiving such a blatant provocation, after all .

She did not believe that her nemesis could keep her calm .

Alas, as things turned out, Yun Shishi proved to be much calmer and more collected than what she thought her to be . There was not even a bit of suspicion in her expression as she pulled out that lighter, burned the test report, and tossed it in front of her!