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Published at 13th of December 2020 12:15:08 AM

Chapter 2149: 2149
Chapter 2149: What exactly do you want?

“If the child grows up to be someone with bright prospects, I’ll bring the kid back to my family . You, on the other hand, may never hold a legal title . Don’t worry, though, for I won’t treat you too shabbily . I promise to give you the life of glory and wealth that you deserve!”

“My second uncle has arranged a marriage for me to strengthen my authority and power in preparation for my ascension as the Mus’ head! Once that happens, I can take up the responsibility as a father even if you bear me a few more kids, let alone this one child! You can be at ease that I’ll give you everything you want, other than the title of my wife!”

The young lady leaned listlessly against her beau as she quietly listened to him describe his blueprint for the future .

By now, Mu Yancheng had regained his composure from when he learned that the woman had gotten pregnant despite their precautionary measures . His earlier agitation was only due to him being mentally unprepared, and it was not like he could not afford to raise their child .

The Mus had always paid attention to their family’s lineage, after all . Even though his uncle had clearly requested him to make a clean break with all the women he had, things might be different now that Meng Qingxue was expecting his child . He could try to find a way to let her stay put at a quiet, upscale estate, where she would remain for the full term of her pregnancy period, and once she had given birth, he could hire a few confinement nannies and babysitters to help raise the child .

It was nothing for men to have a few women outside . Plus, it was unlike the Mus to forbid the existence of such a situation . They would acknowledge their descendants just as long they were capable and outstanding enough .

Even Mu Linfeng himself had illegitimate children, but due to them being too incompetent, he could not bring them back to acknowledge their family ancestry . His request for his nephew to end his affairs was just so that Meng Qingxue’s existence would not be a hindrance to his future plans!

Mu Yancheng had also assured and promised the young lady that, even though she was unable to take on the status as his fiancée, their relationship would remain just as it was now as long as she gave birth to this child . He would come over often to accompany the mother-child pair . Not only that; he also promised her a blissful life of inexhaustible wealth . The woman would need not go out to work for others and be at their mercy; she no longer needed to live in this shabby apartment, either, and could move into an upscale residential building, waited on by servants just like any other upper-class women .

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Apart from enjoying her life of luxury and raising the child, the young lady would not need to do anything else at all, much less worry about being cold and hungry for not having a job! It was fair to say that, other than her marital status, she would be living a life as good as those rich, married ladies!

In fact, if she were capable enough to manage a good relationship with his future lawful wife, it would not be hard for her to live peacefully with the other .

As for a title or a status as his wife, she could drop all thoughts about it!

In his eyes, those pretentious formalities were no longer as important as before should he become more capable of giving her a better life after becoming the family head!

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Inwardly, he thought, I’ve already said so much and even offered her such attractive terms . If she knows better, she’ll be grinning from ear to ear while hugging my arm and shyly fawning on me!

At least, that was what he thought!

Alas, contrary to his belief, a long, stifling silence lingered in the air with the woman hanging her head low . There was no response from her at all . In fact, her somewhat elated expression before had dimmed at this point . The sight of her tears clinging onto her eyelashes inevitably made him feel irked, and he asked out of frustration, “Just what exactly do you want?!”

W-What… exactly do I want?

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What a ridiculous question to ask!

Trust him to ask me what exactly I want!

Is my request out of line?!