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Published at 8th of December 2020 11:20:19 PM

Chapter 2136

The smile on the chap’s face froze instantly . One could not tell whether he was crying or smiling with that look on his face .

After he managed to pull himself together, he inquired anxiously, “Uncle, w-what do you mean?”

“You are smart and should get my meaning, loud and clear!” The middle-aged man refused to explain further, though his thoughts were already well-expressed earlier .

This was a rude shock to Mu Yancheng after his initial euphoria . Right now, he could feel overwhelming dread, which easily extinguished his enthusiasm .

He looked defeated . After a sigh, he tried to find an excuse for his behavior . “Uncle, don’t you find your words to be hurtful? I admit that I’m not as good as my second brother in many ways, but to be fair, there’s nobody fully capable or already competent just after taking over a new responsibility, is there? Many opposed the idea of him assuming the leadership position at first except for you . Only you supported him wholeheartedly despite the many oppositions . Second brother has also proven his worth by now, hasn’t he? I can’t deny that he’s done very well so far . I may not be as capable as he is, but that’s not the most important criterion! In terms of loyalty to you, I’m certain that I am way above him! That’s why uncle’s words then really stung me!”

Mu Linfeng’s face betrayed no expression after he heard his nephew’s defense . He merely nodded and replied, “It’s true that you are sincerer toward us compared to Yazhe . I trust your loyalty, too, but it’s not enough to have the heart—the capability is our foremost consideration . Besides, I am already old and won’t be able to help you much . Since you hardly know the ins and outs of the company by being uninvolved in the past, I’m worried that you’ll be unable to handle the many business decisions and financial considerations that come with the leadership role . Your brother did very well in that aspect; in fact, no one can quite match him when it comes to that . Unfortunately, he left, so now the company is in a mess . With your ignorance of the business we’re running, you’re bound to make elementary mistakes if you come aboard . That’s my greatest fear!”

The conglomerate had lost its key leader, and the directors’ board was embroiled in infighting . As the saying went, ‘a country could not do without its king . ’ Right now, the Mu empire was like a dynasty without an emperor .

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Mu Yancheng looked terrible . His arrogance was rapidly replaced by dismay . His uncle had brought him up to cloud nine, only to send him crushing down to earth the next moment .

Min Yu’s sarcastic remarks reverberated in his head at that moment .

Still, despite his unhappiness, he knew that he could not voice his anger .

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His uncle sized up the young chap before him quietly, thinking that this one could not hold a candle to his other nephew at all . More importantly, this fella was too impatient and eager for success . The fact that he had barged into this office early in the morning in hopes of seizing the throne somewhat disappointed him .

Who could truly take over Mu Yazhe’s seat from here on?

The middle-aged man had considered this issue the entire night . He was so bothered by it that he did not catch a wink .

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Alas, no name came to mind .

Out of the many potential candidates inside the Mu family, Mu Yancheng was certainly not the most outstanding . In fact, there were many capable juniors in the family, but they were either collateral relatives by blood or illegitimate children . More importantly, they did not show sufficient loyalty to him .