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Chapter 2137: 2137
Chapter 2137: Arranged Marriage

He watched him grow up to be the man he was now . Just like his most prized nephew, this one was personally groomed by him . Although he was not much of an outstanding and capable person, he was absolutely loyal to him .

Meanwhile, he did not hold much thought about and faith in the rest of their family’s younger generation .

Having learned his lesson after that fiasco with Mu Yazhe, he no longer wanted to groom another talent only to turn out to be an ingrate eventually .

Mu Yancheng was actually the most suitable candidate at present, but he could not possibly reveal this fact to him, or else the chap would inevitably become arrogant, smug, and conceited due to being pushed to such a high position!

There was a step-by-step process to go through for everything .

Hence, Mu Linfeng only deigned his disappointed-looking nephew a look after a while as he slowly revealed, “I had a long chat about you with your Aunt Shumin over the phone yesterday . Apparently, she is very much in favor of you and thinks that you’re competent enough for the post . ”

There was not much joy on the young chap’s face, though .

After all, what was the use of having his aunt’s acknowledgment alone?

The final decision lay in this uncle of his . Even if he had his aunt’s approval, he would just be overjoyed for nothing should he not receive his uncle’s approval .

Thus, he only responded to his uncle with a lackadaisical hum of acknowledgment .

In the next second, however, he heard his uncle saying, “Although I feel that you’re still lacking in terms of capability and aren’t mature or experienced enough to deal with things, I’m considering you as a potential candidate on the account of your loyalty . ”

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When he heard that, his eyes totally lit up and widened in delight .

“Second Uncle, you—”

The elderly man interrupted, “Since you had the time and energy to come here and make a scene, you might as well spend it on studying the company’s affairs and learning about business management at home! I’ll get someone to send you the company’s info later . You’d better go back and update yourself over what’s going on in the company . Otherwise, you’ll just end up being a laughingstock if I push you to the position!”

“I understand . ” He nodded, remaining calm and composed on the outside yet actually gleeful on the inside .

Mu Linfeng added, “The successor will naturally have to undergo the shareholders’ inspection . If you don’t know anything about the company, won’t you just make a fool of yourself and end up embarrassing me?”

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“Do you mean to say that I have your acknowledgment?”

His nephew was beyond delighted .

In response, he gravely answered, “My acknowledgment is one thing; the crux lies in your performance!”

Despite nodding in agreement, the young man was absolutely thrilled now .

His uncle then added, “I still have another meeting to attend in a while . You do as you deem fit in the meantime!”

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Mu Yancheng watched his uncle leaving the office . Half in and half out of the door, the elderly man suddenly was struck with a thought and briskly turned to face his nephew again .

Just as the young man was starting to nervously think that his uncle would change his mind, he heard him saying, “It’s out of consideration that you didn’t have a firm footing in the family that I chose not to put you forth as the successor . You may not gain any favor from people if I push you to the position now . After thinking for a bit, I realize that you’re no longer as young as before . It’s time for you to consider starting a family! I’m thinking of arranging a marriage for you; what do you think about it?”

If this were Mu Yazhe the elderly one was speaking to, the former would definitely flatly reject this request at once .

After all, that chap was never one to follow others’ arrangements, and that trait had gotten even worse ever since Yun Shishi appeared .

This chap, however, was different from his second brother when it came to such stuff . Mu Yancheng was tactful and discerning enough to know that his uncle was offering him a chance because he saw value in him, so he ought to grab it with all he got!