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Published at 8th of December 2020 02:20:07 AM

Chapter 2135: 2135

Min Yu nodded and quickly took his leave .

While the young chap was fretting over the arrival of his uncle, Mu Linfeng slowly ventured further inside . His stern eyes surveyed the office and eventually landed on his nephew . “What are you doing here?”


His nephew stumbled on his words, having a hard time explaining himself . It was easy for the elder to guess his ambition from his guilt-ridden silence!

The middle-aged man studied the chap, who was fidgeting awkwardly before him, then surveyed the room again . He saw the used teacup with expensive tea leaves in it and the other messes all over the place . The office chair was positioned haphazardly at one side, and some stationery was strewn across the office desk .

It looks like this chap has been here for some time .

The middle-aged man knew that Mu Yazhe was a clean freak and would not allow any Tom, Dick, or Harry to enter his office arbitrarily . Other than the cleaner who came to do some tidying, the man maintained the office himself . Stationery was always well-kept and tidy . He would clear up the place to ensure that it was neat and tidy before leaving the office each day .

After ruminating for a while, the middle-aged man could tell what the chap was up to . After all, having been through many things in life, he had come across characters of all kinds . Besides, he watched this nephew grow up, so how could he not guess what was on this young man’s mind? It was not difficult to grasp Mu Yancheng’s mind compared to Mu Yazhe to begin with . Thus, without too much guesswork, he knew what was on his nephew’s mind!

This fella came barging into the chairman’s office the moment his brother resigned from the post!

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The willful ambition of this young man was obvious .

Is he taking himself to be the next chairman of the Mu Group?!

The middle-aged man was expressionless for some time before he rebuked the young chap severely with a glare . “Yancheng, why did you brashly barge into this office when your brother just resigned yesterday? Do you know that there are eyes watching?! You’d better restrain your behavior from here on . If not, you may invite gossip, saying that you forced your brother out of the family business! This won’t do well for your reputation!”

His warning came as a pleasant surprise to his nephew, who listened with eyes full of bewildered excitement!

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Is uncle here worried about the implication of my action and behavior within the company?

What does this mean, then?

It means that he has the intention to promote me to this post . If not, he needs not worry about me, right?

Him giving me a warning now just goes to show how much uncle values me!

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The young chap did not know how to restrain his behavior and, instead, started to crack up in ecstasy!

Alas, before he could start laughing, his uncle did a one-eighty and confronted him straight on . “It doesn’t mean that you’re the next in line once your brother formally steps down . You know how it needs an extraordinary talent to lead a household and a business . Whoever wants to take the seat must have the right ability for this post! I don’t think you’re ready from the way you’re acting now, so I’m now starting to have second thoughts about you taking over!”