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Published at 7th of December 2020 11:40:34 PM

Chapter 2133

Mu Yancheng pranced and stood up . “Stop right there!”

The assistant froze on the spot .

He was infuriated . Why was this fella so undiscriminating?

He wanted to keep him around just to give him some face, but not only was this subordinate making things difficult for him, he was also being ostentatious!

He would not fall for it!

If Mu Yancheng were to do things his old ways, this arrogant subordinate would be trampled by him exactly where he stood .

Fortunately for the latter, he did not think that way anymore .

His desire to conquer had seemingly been ignited, instead . The more this fella was unwilling to rely on him for help, the more he wanted to tame him into an obedient subordinate whom he could use however he wanted!

Men’s thirst for conquest was not only seen in their desire over women .

At this moment, he took several steps toward the other and presented an offer in a loud voice . “Two hundred thousand!”

Min Yu turned around slowly and looked at him coldly .

His expressionless face made it seem as if he were looking at an idiot .

Looking lofty, Mu Yancheng raised two fingers in the air and spoke arrogantly as if he were a savior . “Two hundred thousand . I will give you a yearly remuneration of that much . If you do well, I will promote you first-hand, which is a meteoric rise in your case! If you must know, I am giving you such a salary because I regard you highly . If it were someone else, they probably would not receive such a treatment!”

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The assistant sneered inwardly and remained quiet, though the look of disdain on his face could not be hidden .

This expression had indubitably enraged Mu Yancheng .

He held back the impulse to hurl slurs at him and pretended to lack any hesitation as he raised his offer .

“Three hundred thousand!”

Three hundred thousand was not a small temptation!

However, Min Yu was too lazy to bother with him, and he merely turned around to leave .

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Mu Yancheng began to feel anxious . Seeing that he was not giving him any face, he cursed, “What an avaricious and insatiable d*mnable dog! You are the same as your master! Fine, four hundred thousand! As long as you are loyal to me!”

The man stopped in his tracks and began to laugh as if he had just heard the funniest joke .

Baffled by his reaction, Mu Yancheng ousted impatiently, “What are you laughing at?!”

“Four hundred thousand?”

Min Yu turned around, the corners of his lips forming a sneer . “Master Yancheng, I see that you are unaware since you don’t pay much attention to the company affairs, but my salary under Chairman Mu is one million! On top of that, every employee, including all the secretaries, here has a base salary of at least three hundred thousand due to their outstanding capabilities . As a member of the think tank and a top assistant, my yearly remuneration is at least a million, and that excludes my bonuses and additional benefits . Your four hundred thousand isn’t even comparable to my monthly salary . In any case, I’m unwilling to work for you even if you offer a 10- or 100-million yuan salary! He he!”

His laughter was filled with mockery and ridicule .

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Mu Yancheng’s expression darkened as he felt the overwhelming humiliation from being completely annihilated!

One million?!

A personal assistant’s salary was a million yuan?

Second Brother sure was open-minded!

Just as he was still surprised by the reveal, Min Yu continued coldly . “Master Yancheng, let me give you a piece of advice: It’s better if you don’t act and speak based on your worldview, lest you make a fool of yourself! Pardon my blunt words, but what if you are the Mu Group’s newly chosen head? The company will only fall under your leadership, so being by your side can only reduce my prospects . ”

“You!” The other could feel himself losing control of his emotions as he felt unbearably stuffy .

This rascal was really underestimating him!