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Published at 7th of December 2020 11:40:39 PM

Chapter 2132

It seemed that what kind of master would produce what kind of servant .

Cold and arrogant, Mu Yazhe wore a haughty expression all day . Clearly, his subordinates did not know how to discern what others thought through their body language either as they were equally cold and distant .

However, he tolerated it and laughed insincerely . “Seeing how you’ve been by Second Brother’s side for so many years, you must have quite the capability . If I employ a talent like you, you will have a bright future ahead! Say, once he formally leaves his position, why don’t you stay by my side? If your performance is good, I will promote you! As long as you remain loyal to me and work hard, I will definitely not treat you unfairly; as for your remuneration, I will give you double of what your previous boss has been giving you . What do you think?”

Mu Yancheng was the best at winning people over .

Mu Shumin was a prime example . With just a few rounds of bewitching propositions, she easily oriented herself toward his stance .

He was extremely confident that there was no one who would be unmoved after being offered such a generous condition .

However, his tone was despondent as if his acknowledgment was a favor on his part . He seemed to be sizing up a beggar, being gentle yet acting as if he were giving alms . It left a bad taste in one’s tongue .

The chap appeared confident that Min Yu would wholeheartedly latch on help . As the saying went, ‘a talented person would choose a patron of integrity . ’

Now that his original master was in dire straits, would he not choose a better opportunity for development?

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He was just waiting for the assistant to show a fawning appearance by bowing and bending his knee while presenting his heartfelt gratitude with a ton of flattery .

Alas, the latter merely smiled and did not appear to be taking those conditions in mind . Instead, he said coolly, “Master Yancheng, isn’t it too early to say such words? It seems that there hasn’t been an agenda set yet which states that you’ll be taking over my boss’s position!”

Mu Yancheng instantly responded, “Hmph! What do you know? Since Second Brother has relinquished his title, I am the next best candidate for it . I will naturally have the confidence before I dare speak of such things! Don’t worry; now that your master is down and out, without any chance of changing misfortune, you don’t have to consider something like betrayal or what not . He’s the one who abandoned you guys, so what is there to feel guilty about?”

He paused for a moment before he audaciously curled his lips into a smile, revealing his ambition . “So? What do you think?”

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“There isn’t anything to think about . ”

Min Yu smiled graciously and elegantly . It was polite and worlds apart from the malevolent smile on the other’s face .

“I will follow Chairman Mu wherever he goes and will only acknowledge him as my boss in this life . As for what you’ve just said, it is difficult for me to obey . ”


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Mu Yancheng glared at the assistant before laughing ruthlessly all of a sudden . “Min Yu, please do not be dumb! Second Brother has not only left his position as the CEO; he is also no longer the head of the Mu family! You could say that he’s fallen from the top of the summit to the bottom! Such a man will never be able to redeem himself in this lifetime! Are you going to follow him, be it in coldness and hunger?! Let me warn you: Though he is talented, there’s no chance for him to find a better position in another company after leaving the Mu Group . You can say that his prospects are grim . Don’t blindly focus so much on comradeship and treat your future like a joke!”

“Master Yancheng, I am not joking around . ”

Min Yu continued to smile as he remained unswayed . “The day my boss officially quits his title is also the day I leave my post . Regardless of the danger, I will stay by his side till the end . ”

With that, he slowly turned around and walked to the door .