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Chapter 2134: 2134
Chapter 2134: Min Yu’s Humiliation

Mu Yancheng was finally unable to hold back his anger and said rather defiantly, “Such preposterous words! How can I not do as well as Second Brother? Just watch me! I will be better and more remarkable than he is in everything that I do!”

“Oh? Then, I’ll be looking forward to it, but if a time comes when the Mu Group is in danger, I hope you don’t come running to Chairman Mu’s side like a stray dog, wagging its tail and begging for pity . Still, before that, there is a pre-condition you should fulfill, and that’s to become my boss’s official successor! Though you have a high chance of becoming one, being the Mu clan’s head doesn’t guarantee you this company’s CEO position! Since you have extra effort to exert, why don’t you think of ways to increase your knowledge?”

His words had greatly humiliated Mu Yancheng .

Every man had a temper, especially those of Mu Yancheng’s age . Moreover, for someone with his identity and status, hearing a small character’s repeated humiliation and ridicule of him, he could naturally no longer stomach it .

The chap dashed forward and grabbed Min Yu by the shoulder, gripping his shirt furiously . He then raised his fist and seemed intent on bashing his face with it .

Min Yu was unfazed despite the looming threat; instead, he bravely glared at the chap . Mu Yancheng’s fist came to an abrupt stop just as it was a hair’s breadth away from the assistant’s eyes .

He was amazed by this man’s bravery . Not only did he not attempt to avoid his incoming punch, he also faced it with wide, defiant eyes .

This made him more furious .

His chest undulated incessantly, unable to calm his fury . Meanwhile, the disdainful look on Min Yu’s face remained firm as he showed him not an ounce of respect .

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Fuming, Mu Yancheng roared like a lunatic, “You disgraceful fellow! I am warning you: Do not look at me with that expression! Who do you think you are, acting so rash before me?! Let me tell you; the moment the news of Second Brother relinquishing his position is announced, I will immediately be appointed as the next head! Do you know what that means? It means that this huge corporation will be under my control! Even if I’m not appointed yet, it still isn’t your turn to question me . Do you understand, you lowly thing?!”

The assistant merely snorted coldly, obviously not paying him much mind .

Just as he got ready to mess up this fella who did not know his place, Mu Linfeng’s furious voice was heard from the door .

“Yancheng, what are you doing?!”

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He raised his head, only to see his uncle entering the office, undoubtedly stumbling upon this scene . The latter’s brows were furrowed in dissatisfaction .

Earlier, Min Yu did not close the door properly when he walked in . Mu Linfeng, who was passing by the office on his way to the conference room, saw the door slightly ajar and assumed that Mu Yazhe had returned to the company .

Alas, he received disappointment once he opened the door .

So it’s this chap?!

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What’s he doing here?

He happily surmised that Mu Yazhe had thought things through and returned to the company after feeling remorseful . Therefore, he could not help feeling disappointed when he opened the door to find this other nephew inside, instead .

Mu Yancheng hastily retracted his hand when he saw the older man . He stood at the side guiltily, the anger on his face dissipating at once, and greeted with a smile, “Second Uncle!”

Min Yu smiled politely at the older man as well, his attitude still respectful toward him . “Director Mu . ”

Mu Linfeng nodded in acknowledgment and commanded, “You can leave . ”