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Chapter 2131: 2131
Chapter 2131: Pulling Strings

Alas, unlike his predecessor, the rich man was unable to pull off the necessary authority . In the eyes of Min Yu, the person in front of him was like a kid insisting on wearing an adult’s three-piece suit . It came across as childish and naïve . However, a child’s act might be innocent and cute, but the man’s action was simply ludicrous and disdainful .

“You can’t sit in Chairman Mu’s seat . ”

“Why not?”

Mu Yancheng snorted, then interrogated harshly, “Why can’t I sit here?”

The assistant drooped his head abruptly at the question . “It’s because—”

“Is it because I’m not the chairman so I’m unqualified for this chair?” The other man gave a smirk, relaxed his posture, and continued speaking leisurely . “I’m afraid I have to disappoint you! This chair will be my designated seat in the future—soon, in fact! You have no right to interfere in my privilege; do you understand?”

Min Yu sniggered quietly .  What is this? Is he showing off his power to me now?

The assistant knew that Mu Yazhe had resigned from the top post and that there would be a transfer of power in time to come . This office might be someone else’s territory in the future, but for now, the man before him held no such authority yet!

After all, the top management had not released the name of the new chairperson yet, had they?

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Thus, at this moment, this office would remain under his boss!

The assistant was considered a long-time, faithful follower of Mu Yazhe . Hence, when he saw another man shamelessly taking over his boss’s seat, he was quick to defend it despite knowing full well the status of the other person whom he was viewing as an enemy .

Meanwhile, Mu Yancheng had fully engaged the role of a chairman by then and simply eyed this subordinate with condescension . The assistant was just a small fry to him .

His lips curled into a smirk when he observed the assistant trying to hold back a rebuttal .

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He remembered the latter’s name—Min Yu . This guy had the reputation of an excellent strategist and a long-time personal assistant of his predecessor . He knew Mu Yazhe was one who valued talent, so those who could serve long with him must be capable and with great potential .

He initially planned to remove his cousin’s men as soon as he assumed the position, just like what his cousin had done before him, but if he were to do that, he would come across as petty and heartless . It would leave a bad impression on those working in this company . Hence, he thought of observing their performance first . For those who were capable, showed potential, and were willing to serve him, he would keep them . As for the rest, he could find an excuse to get rid of them eventually . In this way, nobody would question his decision for firing these folks .

This fella was rather smart in this aspect .

As he ruminated, he threw an olive branch to the assistant . “Are you Min Yu?”

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“Yes . ”

The assistant’s lukewarm response irked him very much . Now that he was about to take over the position, he assumed that this employee would be eager to pay court to him . With the latter’s proximity to the highest member in the Mu Group, he would expect the small fry to stack the deck against the rest by going all out to please him! In the end, he found this employee an eyesore, instead .