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Published at 6th of December 2020 02:35:07 AM

Chapter 2129: 2129

Even though no news was released yet, he knew that the position was as good as his!

The chap stepped into the chairman’s office enthusiastically . He pushed open the door and took in the high-end interior design and lavish furnishing, which symbolized power and status, of the room . His heart was full of anticipation as he inspected the sofa made of real leather and the costly rug underneath his feet .

It was said that Mu Yazhe had refurbished the entire office when he first came on board, for the man found the décor to be outdated and the furniture in need of repair . All the new furniture was made of high-class materials .

This elegant and regal office would soon be his!

Mu Yancheng paced up and down the office, indulging in his daydream . He was here not to tour the place but to get used to his future working environment, instead . After he sat on the real-leather couch for a while, he mindlessly shifted the teapot and cups on the table before leisurely making himself a cup of Da Hong Pao for his enjoyment .

The tea was extraordinarily fragrant!

The tea, which he was enjoying presently, was the real deal . In the old days, he could only dream of a chance to taste this rare oolong tea .

Indeed, it was not easy for anyone to lay their hands on this Wuyi rock tea . Those in the market were cultivated artificially and not considered the true-blue Da Hong Pao .

The tea plants could only be found on the steep cliffs of Wuyi Mountains and were unreachable to humans . Historically, only specially-trained monkeys could be dispatched to pick these leaves, so the yearly harvest only reached forty kilograms at most .

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The precious harvest would be auctioned for sale, so the tea leaves would be unavailable on the market . It was considered the most expensive tea in the world .

During the handover of Hong Kong, this tea, worth more than gold, was presented as gifts to the officials .

Two catties of tea leaves had caused the Mu Group twenty million in an auction .

These were used for the company’s VIPs, but the man had surreptitiously taken some for himself .

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What a beautiful life!

He could not help thinking to himself, That cousin of mine must be stupid to give up such a good life . He doesn’t know what he’s missing out .

After finishing the entire pot of tea, he stood up and walked to the writing desk . There, he stood staring at the empty office chair behind the desk .

This chair was considered the throne of the Mu empire! It signified the highest authority in this conglomerate!

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Revealing a greedy and excited smile, he strode over and put his butt unceremoniously on the seat!

The moment his back touched the seat, his expression relaxed into an ultimate look of satisfaction and haughtiness .

This was what he had been seeking all his life!

Even though his succession had yet to be made official, the current opportunity to take in the entire experience in his dream office made him a very happy man!

He did not bother hiding the burning ambition raging in his eyes as he occupied the seat of power in this extravagant office . His gaze landed on the mahogany table and his fingers curled in excitement unknowingly .

Finally, he managed to calm down after taking a few deep breaths . In actuality, he had coveted every item, including the small, official ink stamp, in this room for a long time! This visit had, in a way, satisfied some of his desires .