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Published at 7th of December 2020 02:15:16 AM

Chapter 2130

The man cleared his throat, straightened his collar, then slowly leaned in the seat rest . At the same time, an arrogant and pompous expression spread across his face .

“Ha ha! Mu Yazhe, I’m sure you didn’t see this coming! I bet losing this seat must’ve hit you hard! Ha ha!”

Right now, he was feeling like an ambitious imperial prince who had slipped into the palace and gotten to steal a chance on the throne . The feeling of superiority naturally rose inside him!

Shortly after, he started imitating his cousin’s typical behavior in the office . Looking stern and aloof, he picked up a stack of financial reports and flung them onto the ground, lambasting to no one in particular, “Are you trying to fool me with these reports? Get out!” He had fully engrossed himself into the role of a CEO .

After the antic, he could not help guffawing . “Ha ha ha!”

It feels so d*mn good!

The man suddenly stood up and walked over to the pristine, full-length window which had been polished to a T . Standing on the highest level of the headquarters, he looked out to the cityscape expressionlessly . All he needed to do was dip his head slightly to catch the full offering of this city!

From his perspective, the busy roads and employees streaming continuously into the office appeared like ants which he could crush anytime!

He felt formidable and uninhibited!

All along, his cousin had appeared powerful and unattainable . This was how he was feeling right now!

How he wished he could quickly step into this role officially and show the world what he was made of!

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He would show off his power to those who used to look down on him!

What if I’m not the first born?!

Haven’t I gotten rid of the successor to take his seat as mine still?!

As Mu Yancheng caressed the top of the writing desk, his eyes shone with unbridled greed and ambition . The negativity that had accumulated long inside him was finally released in a bout of unrestrained, wild laughter .

Surely, only a man at the height of pinnacle can experience such a glorious moment!

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Nobody could resist the lure of riches and power .

The fawning and respect attributed to a man at the height of power and fame would always be alluring!

Only Mu Yazhe would say ‘no’ to all these! He’s just a chap who thinks he’s too good for anything!

That cousin of his was the past, though, whereas he would be the future .

“He he he!”

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The man broke into a wide, hilarious laughter that anyone would find hideous and scary!

There was a sudden movement at the door from behind him .

Feeling guarded, he spun around to see Min Yu walking in .

I recognize him!

He’s Mu Yazhe’s personal assistant and one of his most reliable confidantes .

Min Yu, too, was startled to see him inside the office and proceeded to ask in puzzlement, “Master Yancheng, why are you here?” Before the rich mister could reply, the assistant reminded defensively, “This is the CEO’s office . Nobody can step into this place without his permission . ” Like a loyal soldier, he was prepared to defend his master’s territory to the end .

“Are you saying that I can’t step into this office?!” Mu Yancheng sniggered as if he had just heard the funniest joke ever . “Why can’t I come here?” He provocatively sat down in the office chair and leisurely leaned on the backrest as he spoke . A look of conceit and condescension was on his face .