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Chapter 2128: 2128
Chapter 2128: The Future Chairman of the Mu Group

She was horrified to hear that, which was soon replaced by righteous anger . “How could a mere child be so cruel to torture an innocent animal? It’s absolutely horrifying! The kitten was innocent . Were they already so hard-hearted then?”

“It’s my fault . ” The man clenched his fists as his orbs revealed a shuddering sense of foreboding . “Survival of the fittest has always been the rule of the game . If one isn’t strong enough, he’ll be walloped by his competitors . In any case, I’m able to protect you well now . ” He dipped his eyes at her, caressed her head, and reassured her with a gentle smile .

Yes, not just her, he would also protect their two boys .

He was not one who pursued power for the sake of it . Whatever he did, be it chasing power or fame, was only done so he could protect his beloved princess at all cost . That was all to it .

Instead of being her prince, he preferred to be her knight who would go through fire and water without regrets .

His woman clung tightly to him with a contented smile on her face .

The next morning, the Mu Group went into a frenzy preparing for the unexpected turn of events . Its PR department already had a detailed plan in place to face the media’s grilling . As for the other departments, the legal affairs and media team decided to join efforts in keeping this matter on the hush for now . There were at least seven or eight emergency meetings since the break of dawn .

As the elders were not prepared to face the backlash from the man’s resignation, the news about his departure was kept under tight control . Only the top management was informed, and many were struck dumb by the news .

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Even though those who knew had their lips sealed tightly, the fact that the man was not there for the routine morning meeting was sufficient to cause panic within the entire organization . However, as the top remained tight-lipped, nobody could tell the reason for his absence despite speculations .

Min Yu, on the other hand, received the news from the man himself . Though he was surprised by the unexpected event, he was more depressed than anything else .

To him, this call meant that his boss’s departure was irrevocable and there was no way for the latter to rescind his decision .

Meanwhile, an unexpected guest barged into the headquarters during this upheaval .

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Mu Yancheng had tossed and turned in bed the whole night anxiously .

This was because his uncle did not proclaim him as the next successor at the meeting last night as planned . With everyone around panicking, he was affected by the mood of uncertainties, too .

The young chap was right to be concerned . It was apparent that he was not his uncle’s first choice as a successor . The middle-aged man chose not to announce the new head not just because he was still in shock over the latest unhappy event but also because he was unwilling to promote his incompetent nephew for the post .

He received an unexpected call from his aunt around midnight which set his heart at ease, though .

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“Yancheng, don’t you worry; I’ll do my best to support you to be the next chair!”

Her words eradicated his fear and got him excited more than ever . He reckoned that, with his aunt’s assurance and his uncle’s verbal agreement, no matter how vague the latter seemed to be on this issue, his dream post was his for the taking!

Hence, he drove to the main office early in the morning despite having a bad night’s sleep .

Taking himself to be the next chairman of the Mu Group, he wanted to survey the office first thing in the morning to get used to his new identity!

Even though no news was released yet, he knew that the position was as good as his!