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Chapter 2122: 2122
Chapter 2122: This is just too crazy .

“Trust that chap to give up the coveted position without a care! So many people in the family are after that position—how decisive he is! Does he truly like that woman instead of the Mu empire? Does he truly not care about power, wealth, and fame?”

Everyone let out a heavy sigh and shook their heads at that .

Someone spoke in resignation . “Since things have turned out this way, it’s useless for us to keep harping on it! We should just come up with countermeasures during the board meeting which will be taking place at seven o’clock tomorrow morning . Xifeng will follow up on this matter . ”

“Noted, Fifth Uncle . ”

“The public relations department must take this matter seriously and hire a senior PR consultant to be responsible for all medirelated affairs . ”

“Yes, I’ll make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible . ”

“That also applies to the media and legal departments . All rumors circulating on the Internet must be strictly contained . Resort to legal means if necessary . ”

“Understood . ”

It was doomed that sleep would elude the family of four tonight .

Back at home, while his mother was busy with the household chores, Little Yichen pulled his brother to the side and asked in all seriousness, “Are you not intending to come clean completely with mommy?”

“Haven’t I already told her earlier?”

The younger one was baffled by the question .

A sigh escaped his lips before he went to explain himself . “What about Hurricane Group’s affairs? Don’t you plan to tell her how your toy design is being used to develop the ‘Deva Eye’ project and how you’re taking part in firearms and maritime affairs?”

Youyou’s face sank at that .

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He shook his head as he weakly answered, “I don’t dare to do so . ”

“Are you worried that mommy will scold you?”

He wore a weak smile on his somewhat haggard face . “That’s not it… I’m worried that she’ll be disappointed in me and think that I’m a bad kid who commits all sorts of evil deeds . ”

His brother shot back . “Think? Isn’t that a fact in the first place?”

He froze for a second before he involuntarily arched a brow . “Mu Yichen…”

Is this brat deliberately out to undermine me?!

The older boy let out a helpless sigh . “I also think you should hide these matters from mommy for now . After all, she’ll either not believe you or be worried sick about your safety once she knows about it . ”

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Unlike his usual self, he appeared to be surprisingly calm and composed right now .

He had thought things through deeply and even considered all the aspects his twin was worried about .

Youyou was somewhat astonished to see this side of him . “You—”

“What about me?”

“Are you truly Mu Yichen?” The younger boy was out to embarrass him when he asked, askance, “Say; who are you? I don’t believe you’re that idiotic brother of mine!”

“Ah…” Looking aggrieved, the older twin grabbed his hand and cried, “I’m analyzing this matter to you in a serious manner! Don’t fool around . ”

At times like this, he could actually be a responsible big brother .

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His sibling snickered in response . “You’re finally behaving somewhat like a big brother!”

A blush crept up his face, and he cleared his throat awkwardly . “I’m your big brother in the first place!”

“Well, I couldn’t tell at all since you usually behaved like a punching bag . ”

Inwardly, he rolled his eyes . Wasn’t it because you’re always bullying me?! I was just giving in to you!

Youyou’s smile suddenly faded before he added lightly, “Don’t worry . I’ll tell her everything when the right time comes . It’s just that I haven’t thought of a way to explain things to her . ”

Sea smuggling, firearms, and wars…

It was unthinkable that a child would do any of the abovementioned things .