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Published at 4th of December 2020 11:30:20 PM

Chapter 2123

Just imagining his mother’s expression once she found out about all those matters was enough to drive him crazy…

Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen rushed over to Xiangti Walk as soon as they heard the news of their boss stepping down from his position as the Mu Group’s CEO and the Mu family’s head .

Just as Yun Shishi stepped into the living room to serve the guests some drinks, she heard Lu Jinyu’s somewhat surprised voice . “Are you really determined to do this, boss?”

Even Jiang Shen sounded skeptical . “We’re halfway through our plan now, but with you stepping down as the Mu Group’s CEO, it may pose quite a challenge for the expansion of Shengyu Financial Group . ”

“You’re out of your mind, boss!”

The sound of footsteps, however, got them looking over their shoulders, only to see their sister-in-law rooted dumbly to the spot with two cups of freshly brewed tea in her hands . She appeared to be very nervous .

The duo exchanged a quick look before hastily assuaging the woman’s worry in an utterly remorseful manner . “Don’t think too much of our words, sis-in-law . It’s not what you’re thinking about . ”

“It’s fine . ”

Looking pensive, she placed the cups of tea on the table before turning to leave . That was when her husband suddenly grabbed her wrist .


She turned around in bafflement, only to see a deep smile on his face as he gently assured her . “Don’t let your thoughts run wild, okay?”

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“Okay . ” She shook her head . “Don’t worry about me and just continue your discussion . I’ll head to the garden to prune the plants . ”

With that, she took off for the back garden .

The smile, which was reserved for his wife, instantly slipped off Mu Yazhe’s face as he whipped his head back the next second and swept his buddies a cold, dangerous look .

Knowing that he had misspoken earlier, Jiang Shen tugged on his bottom lip rather guiltily .

“What happened today was just too abrupt; I couldn’t care much about anything else in that sort of situation! The Mu Group no longer has a place for me now; some two-faced people have long wanted to pull me down from that position . The only reason they did not make a move any earlier was that I still had some sort of value to them . These ill-intentioned people deliberately set up that ambush tonight just to force me into abdicating my position with the help of the family elders and some shareholders . There are others, though, who wanted nothing more than me being submissive to them . Nevertheless, my launching of a counterattack by giving up my position as the family head must’ve thrown them off guard and caused them to be in a mess . ”

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Lu Jinyu understood what his boss meant right away .

Truth be told, Mu Linfeng was very displeased with this nephew of his, for the latter had developed a mind of his own—a trait that was unwanted in a pawn . Thus, he had long harbored other intentions and was bent on finding someone else who could replace him as the leader of the family . In fact, he might have already groomed a few potential candidates of his on the sly .

The old chap had it planned out right from the start . He first made use of the young man’s accurate business acumen to expand and strengthen the company, and when the time came, he would kick his nephew out of the company and reselect another suitable heir for the position .

Should that happen, the effort and hard work he had poured into the company would only end up benefiting someone else, instead .

His sister, on the other hand, was a lot simpler and more straightforward in her thinking . She simply saw Mu Yazhe as an eyesore . Ideally, she hoped that he would be kicked out from his position, but even if she did not manage to get rid of him, she would be just as content to dampen his arrogance during the family meeting .

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Mu Yazhe could tell that Mu Yancheng had already gained a deeper level of trust from his aunt, and the latter was also keen to support the former into succeeding his position .

As for the rest, some were nothing more than onlookers while others simply wanted to beat his arrogance down a notch to vent their long-accumulated frustration and displeasure regarding some of his actions .

Unfortunately for them, he had launched a counterattack by relinquishing the title as family head under everyone’s watchful eyes .

As such, some were delighted about his decision while others were feeling utterly troubled . The ones belonging to the former group were likely Mu Yancheng and Mu Shumin . After all, the eyesore, that they had reckoned to be so difficult to deal with, took the initiative to step down from the position .

Would this not be akin to a pie falling from the sky?