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Published at 3rd of December 2020 02:20:08 PM

Chapter 2121: 2121

Second, as soon as Mu Yazhe assumed his new role, he made drastic changes to the company . His very first move involved reconstructing the senior management; he fired the good-for-nothings in the company without qualms, including several higher-ups who only knew how to loaf about and then hired newcomers to take their places .

This move struck fear in countless people’s hearts .

For a while, the Mu Group’s share prices fluctuated before it saw a sharp decline of four percent . While this four percent might not seem much, it was enough to send other companies on the brink of bankruptcy! Only a deep-rooted conglomerate like theirs could stabilize such a situation, though it was just barely .

However, just when everyone was feeling extremely worried about the company’s future, the undaunted man not only succeeded in uprooting those hidden parasites in the company, he also implemented a series of new policies, swiftly reforming its internal operations and even acquiring plenty of potential stagnant assets through bold and decisive moves . With him as the big boss, the Mu Group soon staged a comeback and, in an impressive momentum, grew so large that it became the leading conglomerate in the country .

How could anyone not be awed and impressed by such a business acumen? Everything that had happened seemed so surreal like a dream .

The young man was a genius whom none could hold a candle to!

His business acumen was truly one-of-kind .

With the company encountering a difficult time once more, these elders were all feeling distraught and were even lost on how to account to the public .

It went without saying that the company’s share prices would hit rock bottom the very day they publicly announced his resignation from his leadership position . That would surely cause incalculable turbulence within the company . After all, no one could play the Mu Group’s savior just as how the young man had once done .

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Even within the Mu Group, they would be hard pressed to find another talented and committed leader!

Though there was a saying that went: ‘Replace rank-and-file cadres when leading cadres are changed,’ everything happened just too sudden .

The more worrying thing was that he was probably harboring resentment toward them for him to speak so harshly earlier . Given his usually vicious methods, there was no telling what crazy things he would do after leaving the family .

With him on the leadership position for so long, he knew the company’s backbone like the back of his hand . In other words, he could empty its finance without anyone noticing it . No one, apart from him, knew better about the company’s operations, after all .

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Moreover, he had groomed a thousand advisers in the company . Most of them, having graduated from prestigious colleges from the US and the UK, were the crème de la crème . Once his departure from the company became known, that batch of people would surely leave, too . This indubitably meant that the company would be as good as losing its arms and vital organs!

What he said was not wrong at all .

The Mu empire, without him, would really be nothing but a worthless wasteland .

They dared not imagine how badly their share prices would drop once the company announced his resignation when the sun rose tomorrow . It would not be surprising if the company lost hundreds of billions right away .

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“This happened too suddenly . What are your views on this matter?”

“What views could we possibly have? I thought that tonight’s gathering was no more than just a family meeting . I didn’t expect things to turn out this way at all . How dampening!”

“I just can’t figure out what’s in that young chap’s mind! All he needs to do is hook a finger and all the women in the world will come throwing themselves at him, yet he just had to pick someone who’s only adamant about being his lawful wife!”